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Cow and Goat Sale in Dhaka

Cow and Goat Sale in Dhaka

Cow and Goat Sale in Dhaka

Cow and Goat Sale in Dhaka, – Online Shopping in Bangladesh for saving Your Time & Taka. Our Categories are Food, Baby Items, Beauty & Health, Home Appliance, Library & Stationary, Property, Building Materials, Electronics, Islami Items. Please Call: 01752078099

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এই মহামারির সময় হাটে না গিয়ে ই হাটের সেরা গরু পাবেন আমাদের কাছে। আমাদের ফার্মে এসে আপনার পছন্দের গরু কিনুন। গরু পৌছে দেওয়া হবে আপনার বাড়িতে । এই গরুটি আমাদের ওয়াশপুর ফার্মে আছে। মোহাম্মাদপুর থেকে বসিলা ব্রিজ পার হয়েই আমাদের ফার্ম। বিস্তারিত জানতে কল করুনঃ 01752078099

Cow and Goat Sale in


বাজারের সেরা দেশী গরু পাবেন আমাদের কাছে। অনলাইনে গরুর ছবি দেখে পছন্দ করুন এরপর ফার্মে এসে দেখেশুনে কিনুন। গরু কিনার পর পৌছে দেবো আমরা। ঢাকা সিটি তে ডেল্ভারী চার্জ ফ্রি । এই গরু টি আছে আমাদের মদনপুর ফার্মে। আমদের লোক আপনাকে ফার্মে নিয়ে যাবে আপনি পছন্দ করে গরু বাছাই করবেন। কিনার পর আমরা ফ্রি ডেলেভারীতে পোছে দিবো গরু আপনার ঘরে ।  বিস্তারিত জানতে কল করুনঃ 01752078099


বিভিন্ন সাইজের বাজারের সেরা দেশী গরু পাবেন আমাদের কাছে। অনলাইনে গরুর ছবি দেখে পছন্দ করুন এরপর ফার্মে এসে দেখেশুনে কিনুন। গরু কিনার পর পৌছে দেবো আমরা। ঢাকা সিটি তে ডেল্ভারী চার্জ ফ্রি । এই গরু টি আছে আমাদের মদনপুর ফার্মে। আমদের লোক আপনাকে ফার্মে নিয়ে যাবে আপনি পছন্দ করে গরু বাছাই করবেন। কিনার পর আমরা ফ্রি ডেলেভারীতে পোছে দিবো গরু আপনার ঘরে ।  বিস্তারিত জানতে কল করুনঃ 01752078099



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How to lose a businessman when he does an e-commerce business.

How to lose a businessman when he does an e-commerce business.

How to lose a businessman when he does an e-commerce business.

We’re seeing longtime brick-and-mortar retail brands closing or going bankrupt that we never would have expected to see disappear ten years ago.

On the other hand, the digital world is an exciting place to be, with business owners starting their very own digital brands and competing in the digital marketplace.

Most brick and mortar stores have been forced into creating an online presence.

But it isn’t always easy to hit it big online. You have to know what some of the trade secrets are if you want to make it to the top online shopper.

Here are the five most popular and important factors for success in e-commerce that you can’t afford to ignore.

First, let’s talk about why so many e-commerce businesses struggle in the first place.

How to lose a businessman when he does e-commerce business

why many e-commerce business straggle

There are many common reasons for the e-commerce business struggle, and stores in different industries will face different hardships. In these reasons, is the best e-commerce website.

But there are some general battles that all e-commerce businesses have to fight.

Around 80% all e-commerce businesses fail. And there are three common reasons why customers are likely to leave you in the dust:

  1. Customers don’t know how to use your site
  2. Product value isn’t clear
  3. Navigation is difficult

Have no fear. The solution to solving these problems may be simpler than you think like

For starters, people aren’t judging your business initiatives or products on their own merits. Customers simply want what they want when they want it. However, if a successful e-commerce businessman, you follow the roles of

And sometimes, their expectations can be pretty high. Especially online.

If you have too many shipping options on your site, you’ll deter customers who want their products quickly.

As many as 80% of Bangladeshi shoppers say that shipping price and speed are very or extremely influential in determining where they shop.

That’s why you should offer fast and free shipping when you can, like apparel brand “”, which offers free shipping on orders that are TK30 or more.

When customers don’t have to pay for shipping, they’ll be more likely to pull the trigger on a purchase that they can’t touch, feel, or try out because there’s less risk involved.

Customers don’t wait forever to get what they ordered, either, so if you’re willing to provide free shipping, choose a fast option.

At the beginning of 2017, the National Retail Federation Speculated that online retail would grow 3x faster than the rest of the retail industry, with mobile e-commerce sales soaring.

The rise of online shoppers has also shortened consumers’ patience. Online shoppers are looking for convenience.

They don’t want to deal with difficult return policies or long waits for orders.

How to lose a businessman when he does e-commerce business

Aside from long wait times and tricky shipping options, struggling businesses fail to take the following into account:

  • Branding
  • SEO
  • User Experience
  • Transparency
  • Engagement

How to lose businessmen when he does e-commerce business

  1. Your brand is your purpose

Your e-commerce business has a popular brand at the core of its identity, whether you know it or not.

To find out what it is, you have to think about what you do and why you do it.

Your brand embodies a set of values related to your business’s central endeavors. Some older brands aren’t aging well, because they don’t really have a clear mission.

Or they do, but they don’t disclose it. follow

How to lose a businessmen when he does e-commerce business

2. SEO brings in traffic

Google is sort of like an usher that decides which websites get to mingle near the top of the organic search engine results.

But with constant algorithm updates status, it can be very hard to keep up.

The Fred Algorithm Update, which launched on March 8, 2017, targets websites violating Google’s webmaster guidelines.

Most sites affected are ones with low-quality posts that were created solely to generate ad revenue.

So if you have anything of these posts on your site, you could risk messing up your current rankings (or worse – losing high rankings altogether).

Review Google’s Search Quality and Guidelines regularly and avoid posting too much content that is ad-centered.

If you do show ads or affiliate content on your site, make sure that the pages you run them on are relevant and high-quality, like

How to lose a businessman when he does e-commerce business

3. Customers love a great user experience

If you want to funnel traffic toward a desired action, like making a purchase, you need to optimize.

If site visitors get confused, they’ll leave. Site navigation should always be easy.

On your website, you have to make it clear what your business does. For example, “” that they sell very good products.

How to lose a businessman when he does e-commerce business

4. Transparency builds trust

One of the easiest ways to come across as transparent is to make your contact information visible right on your website.

Your traffic should be able to find your email address and phone number at the bottom or top of every page on your site.

How to lose a businessman when he does e-commerce business

5. Boost overall engagement

The easiest way to boost engagement with your store is to use organic social media outlets to promote your brand in real time.

Excitedly for you, I have guides on how to boost engagement on just about every platform:

How to lose a businessman when he does e-commerce business


The days of brick and mortar stores dominating the entire world of retail are long gone.

The digital landscape is here to stay, making online stores the best place to sell follow

But making it big online is a lot harder than it seems. And tons of e-commerce businesses struggle to stand out in such a saturated crowd.

Customers who don’t know how to use your site, hidden shipping costs, unknown product value, poor navigation and more are to blame.

Luckily, you can take control of your e-commerce store’s success as like as

How to lose a businessman when he does e-commerce business

As a businessman, if he doesn’t follow this article, He will lose her business when he does e-commerce business.

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Online grocery store in Dhaka

Online grocery store in Dhaka

Online grocery store in Dhaka

Groceries are everyday essential in our life. As online shopping is a hot cake right now and we can already assume that the more days pass, the more it is going to Take over people’s shopping habits. People do grocery shopping online too and in Bangladesh, the capital city Dhaka gets the most advantages as there are a lot of online grocery store in Dhaka. And all of these offer fast delivery services so The question of quality is always a concern here. Most of the grocery online store in Dhaka fails to deliver fresh products so it is really a challenge to decide  from which online grocery store in Dhaka will you shop from? So today I’m going to recommend a online grocery store in Dhaka for you. I am sure you have heard of walibazar. If you haven’t now you have heard and they are a game changer in terms of online grocery shopping. You can buy all kinds of grocery products from walibazar. From baking goods to baked products, pickles, snacks anything. I am going to state what you can find in walibazar and attach the links to those item’s pages for You so that you can save some time instead of being lost and looking for your desired products.

  1. Baked products – Without baked products the breakfast is incomplete. We need baked products throughout the day too. So baked products must be fresh and made with comparatively better quality ingredients for nutrition and health. Breads, cakes and other baked products are difficult and time consuming to bake at home so shopping is the wisest choice in this case. Walibazar can ensure you the baked products which are bang for your bucks. Here is the link – TO MAKE A STORE
  2. Baking products – If you want to bake something at home you need baking products, otherwise you can’t just bake something with flour. Baking is a tricky process and can go wrong if not done carefully so you have to be sure that you are using the right kind of products and for buying these products you can go to You can find all the necessary items you need to bake something at your own home. Baking is my hobby too. So I know how necessary these baking products are. This is the link which will take to the baking products page-
  1. Beverages – Beverages or soft drinks are also an essential part of groceries. People should not consume these on a regular basis as they have excessive sugar and these are bad for health. But everyone drinks these now and then. So for buying these at an affordable rate you can visit the link below –
  2. Cooking items- Cooking items are another necessary grocery items. Without proper ingredients it is not possible to make the food properly let alone make that delicious. So, good ingredients like oil, spices, and many more are needed. Also you have to be sure that you are using the authentic products and not buying those at a price that’s going to be on your throat. In order to ensure these you can ship from walibazar. They will deliver to you  your products as soon as possible and quality would definitely be high. Here is the link –
  3. Dairy – Dairy products play a vital role in our Grocery shopping and hold a huge place in our food habits. You need dairy products to cook a meal, bake a bread or cake, make drink, make sweet and for many other purposes. Milk, butter, ghee etc are dairy products and often they get rotten and most of the shops unfortunately serves low quality dairy products which is harmful for health and you absolutely do not want to consume those foods. Here Walibazar is online grocery store in Dhaka and it is suggested to use their products before you make any other decision. Here is the link – Eggs (Layer) 12 pcs
  4. Fruits – Fruits are the healthiest part of your grocery shopping and these contain high nutrition value and low fats. So if you want to diet or have some good nutrition in your body then there is no other way than eating fresh fruits. Finding fresh fruits is a really difficult thing to do and most of the places sell fruits with harmful chemicals and colors which are severely dangerous for our body. So it is a must to buy fresh chemical free fruits in order to meet the goal of eating fruits. Here is the link to find your fresh fruits at online grocery store in Dhaka –
  5. Pickles – Pickles are great for health and they can be preserved and store for a long time and they really help to take the Taste of the meal to a next level so pickles are also necessary in your grocery shopping list. You can buy pickles from walibazar, the online grocery store in Dhaka, and here is the link to The page –
  6. Snacks – Without snacks free time and afternoons go to waste, besides this, whenever guests come we welcome them with snacks so snacks are must in your gricery shopping list too. Here you can find your favorite snacks at online grocery store in Dhaka –

Online grocery store in Dhaka

Conclusion – You can trust walibazar to manage your grocery shopping list. They are a really trustworthy online grocery store in Dhaka. Without any worries you can buy your day to day necessary items from this store which are authentic and affordable for you and there are many offers available too. During the time of corona it is recommended that you should maintain social distancing and avoid crowd as much as possible and stay in your home so that you do not catch the virus. That is why you should do grocery shopping from online grocery store in Dhaka. And walibazar is a trusted site you can rely on for this particular purpose.

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Our Company : Wali Muhammad Foundation Limited

Our Contact : +88029142889    +8801752078097    +8801752078099

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In the summer, children appear on the skin red rashes. It’s called Hit Rash. Why is Hit Rash? How to deal with him?

1) Do not charge children’s powder. Powder causes the secretion of secretion to be stopped. So, without getting the way to sweat, the child’s skin becomes reddish in the red skin. In many cases, the mother did not know the problem by applying hazardous powder and resolving the problem.

2) Various folds of the skin such as the arms, throat, groin, etc. are sweated to heat rash.

3) In most cases, the top rash of the upper part of the skin, ie epidermis. But in some cases, the inner part of the skin can be reached up to the Dermis. In that case, consult a doctor.

4) Kids wear light cotton dresses.

5) If the children keep long diaphragm in the summer, then the hip rash trend increases in the adjoining food

6) If you have a little cloud, or in the evening, many mothers wear thick clothes for kids. This is also one of the reasons for the hit rash. If the sweat is dry, and if you keep the skin clean, sweat can not get hit, even the heat rash is not possible.

7) A small child, who licks most of the time, has the tendency to become a nappy rash and a hit rash. Do not keep them unnecessarily covered with cloth or cloth.

8) To keep the body healthy, as well as to keep the body healthy, Phy (proportional hydrogen) balance in the skin of the skin to feed more liquids and water.

9) It is good to get rid of children in the sunshine during the summer. Especially, if you do not need to be up to four and a half to four in the morning, do not go outside.

10) Meth Aftershave Lotion or Calamine Lotion can also be added to reduce irritation of hit rash.

BD-NEWS:  2026 World Cup in the US-Mexico-Canada   

In the FIFA Congress, on Wednesday, Africa was voted as the host country to win the African country, three North American countries. It gets 134 votes. Morocco, 65 countries to Africa.


Earlier in 1970 and 1986, the World Cup was in Mexico. The 1994 event was held in the United States. And in 2015, the women’s football World Cup is in Canada.

2026 will be the biggest event in the World Cup history. 48 countries will play for the first time. The 34-day tournament will be a total of 80 matches.

The 23rd World Cup will be held in 16 cities. Of these 10 places in the United States, The remaining 6 will be shared between Canada and Mexico. The finals will be held in New York’s 84th-953-meter-wide stadium.

Russia begins the World Cup on Thursday And the next show will be in Qatar in 2022. BD-NEWS

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