Introduction: Electrical parts knife switch, leakage switch, air switch, universal type circuit break, current transformer, voltage transformer, voltmeter, ammeter, electrical system parts, start button, close button, terminal rows, red stop indicator signal, copper rows, aluminum plateo , Fuse, fuse, switch switch, toggle switch, suction coil, etc.

Use / subtlety – Electrical components (also called electrical components) Many: Each element (or composite unit) in an electrical system is called an electrical component of a system or device. Electrical component protection device included: The electrical system parts parts are inserted and the binding part of the clamping hole is provided with a pair of bracket structure; A clamping part for the insert part is a protective cover for clamping parts and gripper parts of the card hole seizing. The insertion part above is composed by a plural form protruding part with different assumptions than the insertion direction. In this way, the shield can be securely bonded with brackets with a claw only, at the same time, the destruction of protective covers of distortion can not be easy to break, the protection of the electrical system parts is not easy to break cover, so that the installation of a protective cover and disassembly operation, protective cover The damage, the electrical components of the compressor protection device, the high reliability is not easy. Explanation- Electrical components are installed Electrical parts 43 Extra wall 74 Kiling water lift 74 Ships of 20 vessels of the ship. For the engine 201, the hydraulic engine is supplied with an oil cooler 90 inside 74 and the 74/74 power outside wall is connected to the generator. Water tank 74 and tank 501 body structure. These electrical components can suppress temperature rise. The side parts of the null parts are closed, or electric components are in the electricity above, the material is packed with aluminum metal extrusion, or electrical components, the above mentioned electrical components, the electrical component structure consists of two electrode structures, which consists of at least one laminated polymer electrolyte made of a battery or Electric is double-level capacitor, or more Due to the electrical components, electrical components mentioned above, coated electrodes are coated with electrode material of electrochemical substances or podromatic high surface area components which are formed on ionic conductive polymer, which is composed by the electrical components of the battery, electrode or electrode connected by the part of the electric double-layer capacitor . Electric collector material, or electrical component packaging, is made in electrical component packaging, made of metal, is configured inside the electrical component structure, and sealing parts are two packages, or an electrical component, either packaging electrical components, using a tube, or using electrical components Package, made of aluminum metal extrusion structure, mentioned above electrical The nan packaging is minimized with at least one electrode terminal package, the package itself is fabricated by the electrode terminal structure, or electrical component encapsulation method, and the power division’s solution system in the encap, the metal tube extrusion formation, the tip of the tube is a seal part The electrode terminal part is made and the electrical material structure is inserted into the tube, which is the electrode terminal part Was unveiled. The opening part of the other side is the sealing part of the sealing part, or the electrical component encapsulation method, in which the seal part is sealed with pulse, heat ceiling, ultrasonic seal or laser, electrical components from the opening part of the tube to the other end.

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