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Introduction: What should be a difficult question in the kitchen. If you do not take account of any necessary accessory account, like modern cooking, a fridge and a cooker, other items in the container should always be in hand? And what would be a comfortable and bright cooker power, which even meets the most demanding girlfriend needs? Any woman will have no way of a quick review of the provision and sanctity of the woman and the design of holy holiness. Explanation: If it is equipped in the kitchen it needs to consider its level of quantity, household equipment and the number of households. Kitchen furnishing The first place should be spacious, the restriction is not limited (it includes standard options, of course), the layout of the object – convenient and practical, everything should be handy. The most important is the main triangle – a fridge, a cooker and a sync. Next, to sync, it is advisable to install a dish or to lock the locker. A cooker classified by dangerous family appliances is placed according to the latest security requirements. The Refrigerator should not be seen visually break the space, it is better to slide in the more corner so that open doors do not interfere in a free passage. Referrers are not recommended for source sources and direct sunlight.

The refrigerator should be placed in the kitchen, do not stop the passage and stay away from heat sources and windows. The arrangement of a single line refers to the entire kitchen across a row by the wall. Not the most convenient type, since the length of such a row is usually 3.5 meters, the main points can be uncomfortable for each other’s removal. The two-line layout is perfect for the crossing kitchen. It is recommended to place a gas stove and a dish on one side, and a dish on the refrigerator and the other. In this case, the passage of the Refrigerated Gate does not lift.

Cooking itemsIt is good that the distance between the rows should be at least 130 cm. Quality: The main advantage is the availability of a free zone for a dining or desk. If this table is installed, the kitchen type will be considered as an island. P-type type – Suitable for a large courtyard of at least 12 meters, otherwise the movement between points will be difficult. In this case, furniture and kitchen units are located along three walls, which creates free access to any points. Kitchen equipment  Microwave nutritious food will help to quickly heal the food, and the oven will completely change. And now the most interesting part is in kitchen utensils. What kind of kitchen appliances are needed? Every cooker has no endless and exciting theme from its store. And the modern choice is incredibly great. There are just a few dozen names for egg products, coffee makers, multi-accessories, and rice-packers. Is it really necessary, it is very difficult to choose from a wide spectrum, and it is only a perfect necessity, the actual value is expressed in the process of exploitation only, and opinions about this are disagreeable. It all likes dogs, depending on the quality of the machinery, see the preparation of preparations and preparations. It requires a different approach, each owner should decide for what he should have in the kitchen. However, in some cases, it is essential in the list of main household appliances. Many modern women do not think of the kitchen without them. It should be noted that this list is based on analyzing housewives comment on left pages on numerous culinary sites. But these figures should be the most correct. Fridges and gas stoves are put together at the same time – impossible to make them apart. by Md Monirul Islam

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