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The mosquito should be spread in Dhaka, Bangladesh

The mosquito should be spread in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Researchers, doctors fear that the incidence of dengue will increase on Eid of sacrifice. During the monsoon, 6-day Eid holidays, the environment is all for increasing dengue. What can be done on Eid holidays to prevent the spread of dengue mosquito Aedes mosquito, said Mohammad Rashedul Islam, associate professor of entomology at the University of Shrebangla Agricultural University. The mosquito should be spread in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Rashidul Islam said, “We all know that the spread of dengue disease through a mosquito called Aedes Aegyptus.” If you want to prevent the spread of dengue, then the mosquito should be spread. There are four stages in the life course of dengue mosquitoes: egg, larvae, pupa, and adult. The first three of the four stars are done in water. As a result, the water should not be left in the abandoned container.

This holiday is a long time. In order to avoid this, AIDS mosquitoes should be careful not to grow. In this case, management can be done in three stages. How to leave the house empty, those who go to the village. Those who live and sacrifice in Dhaka should know how to manage waste and transport management should be such that dengue is not spread to different parts of the country from Dhaka.

The mosquito should be spread in Dhaka,When we leave the city, it must be ensured that there is no water in a container in the house. If water is to be kept alone, it should be covered with a tight lid or mosquito net so that the mosquitoes can not lay eggs in the water. Also, beware of areas where water can accumulate.

Those who live in the city and offer sacrifices should aim to ensure that the waste or blood of the sacrificial animal is not interrupted by water flow or there is no water flow. Insect pest infestation increases when waste management is not properly managed during a sacrifice. If the townspeople can resolve these issues in their own initiative, mosquito neglect will be greatly alleviated.

Any illness can spread from one region to another through human beings. Since Eid millions of people will go to their respective districts, with it and transport, dengue can spread to other districts. In this case, the transport authority has to play a role. Pesticides should be sprayed every time the passenger arrives and before the new passenger arrives.

With the efforts of all, the incidence of dengue can be greatly reduced during the Eid holidays.

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Foods (101)


COOKIES (10111)


Bread (10113)

DIPS & SPREADS (10114)

HONEY (10115)

CAKES (10116)






FLOUR (10124)



JUICE (10131)



TEA & COFFEE(10134)

WATER (10135)



CEREALS (10141)


JAM & SPREADS (10143)





OIL & GHEE (10152)


PICKELS (10154)


READY MIX (10156)

RICE (10157)

SALT & SUGER(10158)

SPICES (10159)

Dal (101510)





CHEESE (10162)

EGGS (10163)

MILK & CREAM(10164)

YOGURT (10164)


FRUITS (1018)


MEAT & FISH (1019)

DRIED FISH (10191)



SEA FISH (10194)

MEAT (10195)



SNACKS (10110)

BISCUILS (101101)



NOODLES & PASTA (101104)

POPCORN & NUTS (101105)


SAUCES (101107)

SOUP (101108)





Baby & Toddler Food (1021)

Formula (1021)




Baby Scart (10231)

Fotua (10232)

Frock (10233)

Ganji Dress (10234)

Pant (10235)

Payjama (10236)

T Shirt (10237)






BOY’S SHOES(10243)







Diapers (10251)

Wipes (10251)


BABY TOY(1026)


FEEDERS (1027)











FIRST AID (10325)






Hair Care (10331)

Deodorants (10332)

Feminine care(10333)

BATH (10334)

HANDWASH (10335)

Oral (10336)

SHAMPOO (10337)

Shaving Needs(10338)

SKIN CARE (10339)


TISSUE & WIPES (103311)




LIGHTING (1042)                           NEED UPLOAD

FURNITURE (1043)                       NEED UPLOAD













TABLET(1054) –  antry  (+0001….)

CREAM (1055)















BOOKS   (1063)













GLUE & TAPE (1069)



PAPERS (106111)

TONER & INK(106112)




Land (1072)

Rady Plot(1073)

SHOP (1074)


HOUSE (1076)










JAY-NAMAZ  (10842)

ATOR  (10843)

TASBIH  (10843)

MISWAK  (10844)

SHURMA  (10845)







RENT A CAR  (1092)


RIDE TRIPS  (1094)
















PIGEON (11081)

ANIMALS (11082)

COW (110821)

GOAT (110822)

CAT  (110823)

DOG  (110824)

PET CARE (11083)

Cat Food (110831)

Dog Food (110832)

Fish Food (110833)

Bird’s Food (11084)

Other Pet Foods (110835)

Pet Accessories (110836)













LAPTOPS (11123)

PRINTERS (11124)












Generators (11211)

Lift (11212)

Machinery  (11213)

Tool Equipment (11214)

HARDWAR (1122)


Bricks (11231)

Auto Bricks (11232)

Sand & Stone (11233)

Cement (11234)

Steels Rod (11235)

Rady Doors (11236)

Grill & Thi (11237)

Agle Steel (11238)

S.Bar Steel (11239)

S.less Steel (112310)

Wood (112311)

Paints  (112312)



Senitary pipe (11241)

Senitary fittings (11242)

Toylet fittings (11243)

kitchen Decoration (11244)

kitchen fittings (11244)

Electrical cable (11245)

Electrical switch (11246)

Thai Window (11247)

Electrical Warings (11248)

Electrical fittings (11249)









HATS & CAPS(10811)

MEN’S BAGS (10812)

MEN’S BELTS(10813)





MEN’S DRESS (1132)



Ganji Dress (113221)

Kabli Suit (113222)

Pant (113223)

Panzaby (113224)

Shirt (113225)

















2 pieces Dress (11421)

3 pieces Dress (11421)

Frock Dress (11421)

Others Dresses (11421)

Shari (11421)








HEELS (11471)











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How to upload a product on e-commerce wedsite?

How to upload a product on e-commerce wedsite?
How to upload a product on an e-commerce website?
1. Title Write:  Brand Name + Product Name + Quality
2. Full Description: Write more then 500 words about that’s Product with use 20 times of title for Full Description.
3. Short Description:
4. Focus keyword:
5. Feature & Gellary Photo upload:
6. Price & SKU :
7. Attribute Product setting:
8. SEO for reading & writing :
9. Out & in source Link:
10. Auto link building:
11. More of Tag added:
12. Select Category:
13.Translate All to Bangla :
14. Review, Comment & 5 times shared by facebook id, page & Group, and Google+ & Twitters etc.
For Detail See Video Tutorial :
গুগল হতে কোন বিষয়ের ইংরেজী রচনা কপি করে রি-রাইট করতে হয়। নকল করলে গুগল সাইটকেই প্যালান্টি মারে বের করে দিবে। সেই রি-রাইট করার লিংক নীচে দিলাম।
সেই রি-রাইট করার পর যাচাই করা তা ৮০%+ ইউনিক বা খাটি হয়েছে কিনা? তা যাচাই করার লিংক নীচে দিলাম। যাচাই করে উক্ত প্রডাক্টের ফুল ডিসক্রিপশনে ৩০০ শব্দ দিতে হবে ।
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Role of Chip is one of the most preferred food products among the children’s favorite food products. History: I was sitting on the writing paper for the famous discovery of science. For the sake of writing, there is something like writing detectives of potato chips! Suddenly, no unexpectedly small. Today, we are able to make huge structures easily, because the Nat-Bolt screw was invented. Today’s topic is how people first found potato chips. Eat more potatoes, pressing on rice. Potatoes are directly attached to Bengali life. Potato is in our choice of fish, meat, and milk. In the water, there is no use of potatoes in the frying pan. After the rice, the second main dish is the potato. Battery: potato chips produced by potato. Can you say, what do you say? Potato chips will not be from potato or the kite will be dry! In Bangladesh, there are many people found Such as round potato, sweet potato, spinach potatoes, potatoes in flour. Gununa: White round potato chips are made from potato chips. In 1700, gram flour potatoes are very popular in France. Then in France, America’s ambassador Thomas Jefferson, he fell in love with Fence Fries. While returning home, he went to the France fries recipe or prepared recipe. BABY ITEMS OF BANGLADESHThe guests of Monticello were fascinated by fries fries fries. After this, france fries are widely popular in the world. One evening in the spring of 1853. Travelers at the New York’s Sarrodota Hot Springs Resort’s Great Resorts Cancel the order of a guest France fries in the dinner table at the Moon Lake Lodge restaurant and complete the order. A Native American named George Crum was in charge of the Chef during the restaurant. Krum made more frivolous French fratery at Katiezze. But he did not mind the Segesta Sapphire gave it. Crum got back to the kitchen. Cut potato slices as much as possible. Then sprinkle the salt in it. It was so thin that it could not be fired by gestating it. The opposite was contrary to this. Gest liked this new item and again ordered it again to eat this special, fried onion. Many requests came for Krum’s Potato Chips. Later, on the restaurant card, the whole chips were added to the item. In 1860, the Cormorant launched its own restaurant at Malta Avenue near Saratoga Lake. The rich people of that time, such as William Vanderbilt, Cornelius Vanderbilt, Joy Gold, Henry Hilton were their regular customers. After thirty years of restaurant installation, 18st of the Esthetic mortgages. In the year 1914, George Crom died in 1914. Today we are eating crisp potato chips whipped, but we know some of the names of George Crum. The heroes of the time thus became forgetful. 1895 William Tappendon of Sacklevelwill made potato chips in the first house and sold it to neighboring grocery stores. The world’s first potato factory, built in its house.

Conclusion: Potato chips discovered by George Crum in 1853 are still American favorite snacks. Atlantic waterside Peripateto chips have now been able to conquer the mind of Bengali children’s juvenile. by MD Khokon

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Introduction: The beauty of a woman’s beauty is defined only to show her husband. A woman does not have any value if she can not give a beautiful look to her husband. Giving happiness to the husband with a beautiful state on the organs can give you ecstatic and true bridal happiness. Women’s Angus, makeup and decoration materials have increased with the ages. Some of these decorative materials are used in Sharayi policy. Let’s know. Islam has given legitimacy to women’s decorations. But it should be only for satisfying the husband. It is not permissible for any kind of decoration to show a man. The tight fight is not adorned for any Muslim women who wear out after wearing a fine dress. Because it is mandatory to cover all the women in front of others. And these shades are a violation of the screen. Description: Hazrat Alqama bin Abu alqama narrates from his mother, once Hafsah bint Abdur Rahman came to his Fufu Ummul Mominin Aisha (ra). Then she wears a thin curtain. Amish (ra) broke it and gave it a thick veil. (Muwatta Malek 2/913, Hadith: 6) Abu Yazid Mujani (ra) said Hazrat Omar forbade women to wear Kabati (a white cloth made in Egypt). People said this skin is not seen in the skin. Health & BeautyHe said, ‘Even if the skin is not seen, the organs of the body will appear.’ (Musnaf Ibn Abi Shaibah, Hadith: 25288) But a tight and fine dress can be worn in front of the husband alone, a woman can wear. Wearing new models or fashion clothes will be valid only when it will work on screen and will not imitate a hero-heroine or unbelievers. Hazrat Abdullah ibn Amr Ibn al-As (ra) said the Prophet (peace be upon him) saw me wearing two garments, stitched by ‘Usphoor’ (small red-colored flowers) and said, ‘These are the clothes of the disbelievers. Therefore, you will not wear it. “(Muslim, Hadith: 2077) Even though the pants-shirt is not titrated, it is not permissible for Muslim women to wear it. Because pants-shirts are men’s clothing. And the damsel of men is cursed. Hazrat Abu Huraira ra. Narrated by: The Prophet (peace be upon him) has cursed the woman wearing the clothes of the women and wearing the clothes of men. (Abu Daud, Hadith: 4092) It is not permissible to use extra high-heeled shoes. Because after these movements people’s attention is attracted and they entice their reunion. Besides, there are problems in the movement of these shoes. There are many fears of falling. Allah Ta’ala said, ‘They should not express themselves in the splendor.’ (Sura Nur: 31) It is better for women to wear a pigtail or a jute tied head. It is not permissible to clot or lotion on the head. If the height and size of the trunk are seen from the back side of the cloth, then it is also not permissible. The hair cannot be long or long predicted, the duty of women to look at. Because the beauty of a woman’s beauty; It is forbidden to publish it before the progeny. Rasulullah (peace be upon him) said, ‘In my community of the last assembly, there will be some people whose women will be half naked; Their heads will be like a hammock (cobweb). You curse them because they are cursed. ‘It is forbidden to use artificial hair or wig to show hair more. Husband cannot be put on the head even if he wants. On the authority of Hazrat Ibn Umar (R), the Prophet (peace be upon him) cursed those women who wear a wig and ask for a wig. “(Bukhari, Hadith: 5937) For the beauty of women, women used to produce hair instead of black cloth. May be able to frame. Cutting hair for fashion is not legal. But the hair nozzle can be cut short if it is random. But not good at all. Because the beauty of the hair is more hair. It is not permissible to have husbands who wish to plug their foreheads or eyebrows on their forehead. Because, by this, it is changed in the creation of Allah, whose permission is not in Islam. In such a way it is not possible to draw designs or tattoos in the mouth or hands. Hazrat Abdullah ibn Mas’ud (ra) said, ‘May Allah curse the woman who insults her tattoos and those who make them, those who chew the eyebrows (plaques) and those who make the gap between the heart of beauty and those who are in the creation of Allah (Bukhari, Hadith: 4886) If a man has a hair on his cheek or lip like a beard, he is not responsible for it. Because, the permission to bring normalcy to the distorted organs has been given the rule. There is legitimation in Islam regarding the use of ornaments in the woman’s nose and ears. Likewise, wearing an ankle or neck is also valid. But if you are playing music, then it is not permissible to walk in front of the progeny outside the house. The use of lipstick, makeup, snow, powder, etc., directly to the harem object and harmful substances, is valid for the husband’s eyes and mind. Womanhood is a joy for her husband to always keep her eyebrow. That is why it is permissible for women to use alcohol and non-forbidden spirit-perfumes before approaching their husbands. Use of nail polish is allowed in nails. But it is necessary to remove it before the wudu. If you do not do the wudu. It’s a good time to use monthly days. Because it does not have to do ojoo-bath. It is best to keep the hands and feet of girls always clad with a housewife. Because it brings satisfaction to her husband’s entertainment. And there is no problem in taking it hard during bathing.

Conclusion: The woman will use the cosmetics of all the beads, for the sake of her husband, and not for anyone else. And it will be agreed.

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Introduction: What should be a difficult question in the kitchen. If you do not take account of any necessary accessory account, like modern cooking, a fridge and a cooker, other items in the container should always be in hand? And what would be a comfortable and bright cooker power, which even meets the most demanding girlfriend needs? Any woman will have no way of a quick review of the provision and sanctity of the woman and the design of holy holiness. Explanation: If it is equipped in the kitchen it needs to consider its level of quantity, household equipment and the number of households. Kitchen furnishing The first place should be spacious, the restriction is not limited (it includes standard options, of course), the layout of the object – convenient and practical, everything should be handy. The most important is the main triangle – a fridge, a cooker and a sync. Next, to sync, it is advisable to install a dish or to lock the locker. A cooker classified by dangerous family appliances is placed according to the latest security requirements. The Refrigerator should not be seen visually break the space, it is better to slide in the more corner so that open doors do not interfere in a free passage. Referrers are not recommended for source sources and direct sunlight.

The refrigerator should be placed in the kitchen, do not stop the passage and stay away from heat sources and windows. The arrangement of a single line refers to the entire kitchen across a row by the wall. Not the most convenient type, since the length of such a row is usually 3.5 meters, the main points can be uncomfortable for each other’s removal. The two-line layout is perfect for the crossing kitchen. It is recommended to place a gas stove and a dish on one side, and a dish on the refrigerator and the other. In this case, the passage of the Refrigerated Gate does not lift.

Cooking itemsIt is good that the distance between the rows should be at least 130 cm. Quality: The main advantage is the availability of a free zone for a dining or desk. If this table is installed, the kitchen type will be considered as an island. P-type type – Suitable for a large courtyard of at least 12 meters, otherwise the movement between points will be difficult. In this case, furniture and kitchen units are located along three walls, which creates free access to any points. Kitchen equipment  Microwave nutritious food will help to quickly heal the food, and the oven will completely change. And now the most interesting part is in kitchen utensils. What kind of kitchen appliances are needed? Every cooker has no endless and exciting theme from its store. And the modern choice is incredibly great. There are just a few dozen names for egg products, coffee makers, multi-accessories, and rice-packers. Is it really necessary, it is very difficult to choose from a wide spectrum, and it is only a perfect necessity, the actual value is expressed in the process of exploitation only, and opinions about this are disagreeable. It all likes dogs, depending on the quality of the machinery, see the preparation of preparations and preparations. It requires a different approach, each owner should decide for what he should have in the kitchen. However, in some cases, it is essential in the list of main household appliances. Many modern women do not think of the kitchen without them. It should be noted that this list is based on analyzing housewives comment on left pages on numerous culinary sites. But these figures should be the most correct. Fridges and gas stoves are put together at the same time – impossible to make them apart. by Md Monirul Islam

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মধুর ৮টি সুবিধা সমূহ

মধুর ৮টি সুবিধা সমূহ

মধুর ৮টি সুবিধা সমূহ :

মধুগুলি প্রাচীনতম প্রাকৃতিক মিষ্টির মানুষগুলির মধ্যে একটি, যা প্রচুর পরিমাণে স্বাস্থ্যের সুবিধার জন্য রয়েছে, যা আপনাকে সচেতন হতে পারে না। মধু আসলে অনেক কিছু, ত্বক পুনরুত্পাদন থেকে, একটি হ্যাংওভারের যুদ্ধে ওজন কমানোর ক্ষেত্রে সহায়তা করেছে।

মধু সম্পর্কে ভাল জিনিস এক অবিশ্বাস্য স্বাদ সঙ্গে এটি একটি প্রাকৃতিক প্রতিকার। মধু সবচেয়ে বিস্ময়কর সুবিধা তালিকা দেখুন।

স্বাভাবিকভাবেই আপনার শক্তি :HONEY

আপনি স্বাভাবিকভাবেই আপনার শক্তি স্তর বৃদ্ধি করতে চান, আপনার আহার পরিকল্পনা মধু যোগ করার চেষ্টা করুন এবং আপনি আপনার কফি খরচ কমাতে নিশ্চিত করুন। মধু খাওয়া আরো শক্তি পেতে আরো কার্যকর এবং প্রাকৃতিক উপায়। আপনার টোস্টের উপর একটু মধু ছড়িয়ে দিন অথবা আপনার চায়ে কয়েকটি চা চামচ মেশান।

আমি এটা আমার জল যোগ করতে চান। আপনার ব্যায়ামের আগে কিছু মধু খাওয়াও খুব ভাল, বিশেষ করে যদি আপনি কঠোর প্রশিক্ষণের পরিকল্পনা করছেন।

আপনার গলা গলা জন্য একটি ভাল নিরাময়

এটা সত্যিই কাজ যে মধু ব্যবহার সবচেয়ে বিস্তৃত উপায় এক। আপনার যদি গলা থাকে তবে মধু এটির জন্য ভাল উপসর্গ হতে পারে। আপনি কয়েকটি চা চামচ মধু খেতে পারেন, অথবা এটি একটি চিম্টি লবণ এবং লেবু রসের একটি চামচ দিয়ে মিশিয়ে একটু বেশি শীতল এবং কার্যকরী হতে পারেন।

আপনার প্রতিরক্ষা সিস্টেম boosts

মধু শক্তিশালী অ্যান্টিঅক্সিডেন্টগুলির মধ্যে উচ্চ যা আপনাকে আপনার ইমিউন সিস্টেমকে বাড়িয়ে তুলতে সাহায্য করে, বিশেষত যদি লেবু দিয়ে খাওয়া হয়। যদি আপনি এমন জায়গায় বা এলাকাতে কাজ করেন যেখানে আপনি প্রায়ই জনসাধারণের কীটপতঙ্গের মুখোমুখি হন, প্রতিদিন প্রতিদিন লেবু রস এবং মধু দিয়ে কিছু চা পান করার চেষ্টা করুন। আপনার সন্তান ঠান্ডা এবং ফ্লু মরসুমের মাধ্যমে এটি পান করতে পারে। আপনার সন্তান যদি 1 বছরের কম বয়সী হয় তবে আপনাকে অবশ্যই তাদের কোন মধু দিতে হবে।

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food recipes in Bangladesh | Four Small tips But Important

What is food recipes in Bangladesh ?

Food recipes in Bangladesh
Food recipes in Bangladesh.jpg

Every country has its own tradition of foods. Food recipes in Bangladesh has rich historical traditional food items. Among the food lovers of all over the world, Bangladesh is known by the variations of her food history. Being an outpost of Mughal Empire once upon a time, Bangladesh retains its heritage. Bangladesh is known for rice production that has been one of the chief occupation of its individuals. Rice is the most consumed food among Bangladeshies. The Bangladeshis eat rice, not simply a little but however a lot. They eat rice daily and at each meal with nice testy and spicy curry of vegetables, fishes and meat.
Rice is that the main staple of the Bangladeshi folks, served with an array excellent curry recipes. Bangladeshi recipes and dishes exhibit sturdy aromatic flavors and regularly include eggs, potatoes, tomatoes and aubergines. A spread of spices and herbs, together with mustard oil and ghee, is used in authentic Bangladeshi preparation.

Most Common food recipes in Bangladesh:

The most common breads are roti, porota, naan, bakarkhani and luchi. The second most vital staple, served with rice/porota/luchi is Dal which is a favorite food item by the majority of Bangladeshies. Vegetable dishes, mashed (bhorta), boiled (sabji), or leaf-based (saak) are wide served. Fish is additionally a staple in Bangladeshi cooking, particularly seafood. Ilish (hilsa), rui (rohu), magur (walking catfish), chitol (clown knifefish), pangash (pangas catfish), pabda (butterfish), bhetki (barramundi) and Tilapia are mostly well known. Popular Meat consumptions by Bangladeshies are beef, lamb, venison, chicken, duck, squab and koel. Seafood like lobsters and shrimps also are typically prevalent. Let’s we know details about food recipes in Bangladesh

Bhapa Ilish (Fish)


Hilsa Fish – 600 gms

Turmeric Powder – 1 1/2 tsp

Salt – to taste

Mustard Seed Paste – forty gms

Green Chili Paste – 20 gms

Green Chili Slit – 4 nos

Cream – 25 ml

Mustard Oil – 75 gms

Most of the People says The Best food recipes in Bangladesh is ” Bhapa Ilish(Fish)”


Cut the hilsa fish into darnes and wash well in cold water. Apply turmeric and salt on the fish and put aside for 20 minutes. Blend along freshly ground fine mustard paste, green chili paste, oil, cream and turmeric powder (1 tsp). Dip the items of marinated fish in this masala and place within the steaming casserole of the sterilizer. Pour four cups of water into the cooking utensil and convey to a boil. Modify the steamer casserole and steam underneath boiling temperature for 8 minutes. Take off the fireplace and release the steam.

Serve hot with cooked rice fancy with slit green chilies.

Chapatti Recipe

Whole Wheat Flat Breads

Mix together:

2 cups Indian whole wheat flour

1 tsp salt

1 TSP vegetable oil

about 3/4 cup warm water (enough for a knead able dough)


Put flour in a giant bowl, setting aside concerning half a cup for rolling chapattis. Stir salt through the flour, then add ghee or oil and rub in with fingertips, like creating pastry. Add the measured water all at once; moisten all the flour and blend to a firm dough. Knead dough for a minimum of 10 minutes or till dough is sleek and elastic.

Since there’s no leavening agent in this bread, kneading is used to develop lightness. Gather dough into a ball, place into a little bowl and cover tightly with plastic food wrap. Leave for 1 hour or longer. This resting amount is additionally very important for creating lightweight, tender bread. Divide dough into balls of even size, concerning as massive as an oversized walnut or tiny egg. Roll each out on a gently floured board, gently dusting board and rolling pin with reserved flour and keeping the form utterly round if possible.

Heat a tawa, griddle or significant cooking pan, place the primary chapatti on the recent pan and leave for one minute on medium heat. Flip it over and place the second facet down.

Serve heat with butter, curry or different dishes.


Tikya Kabab


25 g channa dhal, split

225 g fatless stewing steak

1 brown cardamom, ground

1/2 large onion, chopped

1 bay leaf

1 inch (2.5 cm) fresh ginger, chopped

1/4 teaspoon black pepper,

1 large clove garlic, chopped

Salt to taste

1/2 teaspoon paprika

Ghee or oil

1/2 teaspoon garam masala

1 egg yolk

1/4 cup chopped fresh coriander or parsley

Fine breadcrumbs


Food recipes in Bangladesh is very easy, Just flow the instruction:

Soak the dhal night long, so boil in double its volume of water.Strain off any excess water. Place the meat, onion, ginger, garlic, and spices through a mixer. Combine well and add salt to taste. Add the dhal to the mixture, and fry in a very little ghee for twenty minutes. Add a little water if it dries up an excessive amount of. Leave aside for regarding three hours or long to thicken and dry. Following day or once prepared, add the ingredient, and, if it doesn’t hold along, add gram flour to thicken or water to skinny. Add contemporary coriander or parsley. Seekh Kebabs roll mixture in breadcrumbs to sausage shapes for a better taste. Skewer them and cook over charcoal underneath the grill or fry in a fry pan. For Shami Kebabs, roll into balls, coat in breadcrumbs and fry.


Mishti Doi (sweet yogurt)


1 litre long life (UHT) full cream milk

1 litre long life (UHT) single cream

One cup natural yogurt

Cap sweetened condensed milk

A cup sugar


That’s it, combine them together (no need to boil and cool the milk) and place the combination in the oven at terribly low temperature for six hours. By trial and error, you may realize the proper temperature setting for your oven for the proper DOI! If it’s not setting, up the temperature slightly.

Caramel Custard (egg pudding)

Ingredients & Directions

one cup sugar (put in cooking pan and heat  stove till dissolved into golden brown caramel) Pour in a very appropriate dish and let cool down. Mix 8 eggs, 2 cup milk, one cup sugar and 1 teaspoon vanilla and pour within the dish on top of caramel. Seat the dish on an oven tray. Place two glasses of water within the tray (very important). Place it in the preheated oven at 150 degrees C for 1hr. Take it out let it cool down. Run a knife around it to separate from the dish. Flip upside-down on a dish (careful) and serve chilled

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Newborn baby clothes in bangladesh |

Newborn baby clothes in bangladesh
Newborn baby clothes in bangladesh

Welcome to Newborn baby clothes in bangladesh Article:

If you are looking for clothing items for baby and kid’s(Newborn baby clothes in bangladesh), then you have certainly come to the right place. All kinds of baby products for your newborn baby are available in our store to welcome your precious new baby. Our collection is assured to fit them and start their very first adventure. We provide a broad range of clothing within your budget.

It is a continuous dilemma for the parents like you to buy baby clothes for your newborn for their first use. As it is always difficult to buy clothes for a baby compared to an adult. We are here to make your life a lot easier here in Bangladesh. You may easily shop the best clothes that will fit your baby and also be comfortable for the baby in different seasons (Newborn baby clothes in bangladesh). We care for your loved one. We have the broad and diverse range of clothes so that your baby gets desired care in different seasons.

You may also be in need to gift a baby dress to your closed one. We have varieties of lucrative dress collection which will meet your best choice.

In our store, we are engaged in finding the latest and finest garments for your child. Also, shop newborn baby clothes from our store in exclusive prizes. We have both established brands as well as less established brands from well-known designers. The clothes will definitely be adorable for you and your child. We place high demands on our suppliers to assure your money being well spent.

As a parent of a newborn baby, you may are very conscious about your baby’s health. Here you will find ideal clothes that will bring comfort to your newborn baby every day even while sleeping. Your baby will be enjoying cuddling, crawling and playing wearing outfits from our store. Elastic waists make moms life easier to dress up her baby. The upper and lower wear are of a perfect matching. Why not match your own dress color or prints with your baby. How about a party dress for your little star. Check out our “Baby party dress in Bangladesh” category.

Quality fabrics, extra soft, adorable design and attention to detail all come together to bring out the best products that all moms and dads would love. Cute hats, socks and shoes are going to make your experience more awesome with us. Baby-friendly design clothing from top to toe will help you for easy wardrobe changes. WaliBazar makes dressing babies easy. We are committed to standing as number one brand of baby clothing in Bangladesh. We provide comfort to your real life experience.

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online stationery shop in bangladesh |

online stationery shop in bangladesh
online stationery shop in bangladesh

Best Online Stationery Shop in Bangladesh

Are you trying to shop your stationary item at online? Having a lots of search but couldn’t found your desire product yet? Are you become frustrated thinking that online shopping is a bullshit idea? If the all answer is yes then definitely here is the solution for you. We are the biggest online stationary shop in Bangladesh. After pay a visit to our site you become a fan of this site. Our site is very user friendly and also very easy to place an order at our site.  Here you can find all kind of stationary products item at a reasonable price with your desire quantity. There are lots of online stationary shops in Bangladesh but among all of them we are the best.

Here are some tips on online stationary shopping in Bangladesh

You will save lots of cash once you online stationary shopping in Bangladesh. Not solely that, you’ll save time and energy also. There you ought to carry significant boxes from the shop and to your workplace. Below are the guidelines that may create your online shopping  for online stationary shopping better.

Create an inventory   

It is suggested that you must first create a searching list to create the method easier. This can be conjointly some way to make sure that you just get all you wish once resupplying provides for your office or giant company. You ought to additionally indicate details like printer model or paper size. After you have an inventory, you’ll fill your cart in exactly some of the minutes.

Compare products

When you are online, you’re ready to compare products. This permits you to form a wise decision once you do online stationery shopping. You’ll verify the material employed in the office provides and whether or not they are eco-friendly or not. You’ll conjointly compare costs to work out the most effective price for your cash.

Keep a Record of Orders

Shipping delays do happen, and that’s why it’s vital to stay track of your offer usage. That means you’ll avoid being caught without ink or stationery whereas awaiting the order to arrive. Over time, you’ll be ready to verify a pattern with regards to produce usage and might arrange once to position successive order. That approach you’ll keep track of the frequency of your purchases.

It is vital that you just fill again your online stationery shopping in Bangladesh before they run out. You need to not wait once things are running low. It’s higher to extra service before an item is nearly gone. That method you’ll avoid shopping for one thing out of impulse. It additionally provides you the prospect to require advantage of discounts or sales.


Buy Quality Not amount

It is vital to decide on quality online stationery shopping. You want to not accept cheap ones so as to chop corners. At our website, you’ll make sure that you just get top quality products at cheap costs. You’ll be able to trust the online shop to deliver the most effective that your company can afford.



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Little Known Ways to Bangladeshi Foods

bangladeshi foods

About Bangladeshi Foods

The spectacular combination of our age recent ancient values and a various range of utterly homogenized spices offer People’s Republic of Bangladesh cuisines a singular taste that folks from all around the world don’t hesitate to come back here once more. Our foods and spices are thus nice that currently these rule the full world. Several of you would possibly have already tasted those in abroad in several restaurants that offer Bangladeshi foods.

sorisha ilish

Most of the Bangladeshi foods are supported rice. An abundance of fishes in rivers and ponds and our love towards completely different sorts of fishes in several styles of dishes build the byword “Fish and rice make a Bengali” additional substantive . Especially Shorshe Ilish, a dish of preserved hilsha with mustard-seed paste, is taken into account because of the most important a part of our Bangladeshi preparation. With the exception of that, we have a tendency to even have curry created out of freshly picked vegetables, comletely different forms of meat, lentils soup, etc in our dishes.

bangladesh food recipes

Well, with the exception of the regular dishes mentioned antecedently, some dishes are specially designed to boost our celebration and festivals. Although pitha (cake) is fashionable for celebrating a particular season, however, it’s a much more reason to be celebrated that pitha is usually ready and cherished in any Bangladeshi board everywhere the year. Most pithas are sweet however that doesn’t stop us from creating it spicy. There are some pithas that are created with meat and alternative spices. The chief ingredients of pitha are: sugarcane, date juice, rice, flour, milk etc. Bhapa, pooli, patishapta, nakshipitha etc are common however celebrated in any Bangladeshi room.


The deeper you stray around the alleys of any Bangladeshi city, the additional exotic your preparation expertise can become. Foods found in our streets and restaurants are as ancient because the foods grilled in our home. Iftar at a recent capital of Bangladesh, jhalmuri (puffed rice with spices), dal puri, smokin’ hot Kebabs, etc. are for sure never to be lost.


You will be surprised to understand that after you are visiting every a part of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, there exist many alternative native foods that are illustrious for his or her individual characteristics. Some select spice or some select sweets. The style is clearly completely different than the thought ones however at the bottom it solely depicts a singular theme; it’s Bangladeshi food.


The staples of Sylheti folks are principally rice and fish. Their selection and technique of cookery are clearly completely different to non-Sylhetis. ancient foods include bitter dishes, like tengha boiled with vegetables, together with amra, defal, olives, dewwaa, amshi, mango choti, kul, hatkhora (or shatkora), ada zamir, and the other sour lemon-like tasty vegetable and additionally many varieties of meat dishes, together with chicken. In Chitagong Mezban feasts are widespread throughout the world. Seafood and food are quite current in these areas. Dried fish is a lot of offered in this region than in different components of the country.


Apart from that, the foremost southern a part of this region is especially influenced by the Arakan cooking of Asian country. Dried fish, bamboo shoots, sea fish, and lots of a lot of are the specialties. They use a lot of spicy flavors and coconuts in their food preparations. The capital Dhaka and its territory region compose the central region, wherever water fish are a lot of popular. Because of completely different ruling periods, the preparation of this region is versatile. The old Dhaka space is known for the nawab Awadhi cooking. In old Dhaka, kababs, naans, bakarkhani, Kachchi biriyani, haleem, mutton bhuna khichuri, Roust and especially mutton tehari are samples of dishes that became fashionable in different components of the country.


Rajshahi mangoes are thought of to be the most effective within the country. Sweet dishes are common. The Northern elements of the country is additionally famed for growing pineapple, guava, watermelon, white or sweet melon, green bell apple, wood apple, tropic grape, jujube, pear, litchi etc. Khulna and Jessore areas and are terribly near the West Bengal of India. The cooking of those areas is known as authentic Bengali recipes. Mug dal with hilsha fish head, dalna, chachchari, luchi-payesh, hilsha with mustard are extremely popular during this region like neighboring West Bengal in India. Coconut milk is incredibly popular during this region. Barisal and Khulna: A large range of sweet water fishes are out there during this region that is extremely known everywhere the country.


The following may be a list of characteristic Bangladeshi recipe styles. Every entry may be a category of recipes, manufacturing completely different dishes counting on the selection of ingredients. There are tastes that the Bangladeshi palate caters to. These include:

Achar: Assortment of pickled fruit, vegetables or spices. Typically flavored with mustard oil, mustard seeds, aniseeds, caraway seeds, and asafoetida or hing.

Bawra: something that has been mashed mixed with thick batter and so fashioned into a rough round form and deep cooked, typically in soybean or mustard oil. Typically it’s served with rice as a starter or served with puffed rice crisps or as a single snack.

Bhapa: Fish or vegetables steamed with spices.

Chap: Bengali-style croquettes sometimes coated with crushed biscuits or breadcrumbs.

Kalia: a really wealthy preparation of fish or meat employing a heap of oil or ghee with a spicy sauce sometimes supported ground ginger and fresh shallots glued or cooked together with a tempering of gorom moshla.

Kofta: Ground meat croquettes certain along with spices or eggs, served alone or in savory gravy.

Korma: It involves egg, fish or meat cooked in a delicate yogurt-based sauce with ghee, and sometimes flavored paste is additional. People of southern Bangladesh add coconut milk to several of their dishes and korma is not an exception.

Paturi: typically, oily fish is sliced equally and wrapped in an exceedingly banana leaf, when the fish has been basted with freshly glued mustard with a touch of mustard oil, chili, turmeric, and salt.bangladeshi food

Posto: something (especially potato, aubergine) baked with poppy seed paste because of the main flavoring agent. Usually, poppy seed paste with some mustard oil is consumed mixed with rice all by itself as a light beginner during a meal.

Shak: green leafy vegetables, like spinach and cruciferous vegetable, are sliced and cooked till they wilt during a bit of oil and tempering of nigella seeds.

Torkari: A general term usually utilized in Bengali, a similar manner ‘curry’ is used in English. The word-initial meant raw garden vegetables. From this, it absolutely was a natural extension to mean baked vegetables or maybe fish and vegetables cooked along.


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Desi fish | Amazing Bangladeshi Fish

Amazing Desi Fish

Bangladesh is a land of rivers and famous for desi fish . Our rivers abound with fish. There are concerning 32,000 species of fishes worldwide and nearly 400th of the species board fresh water. In Bangladesh, there are 401 species of marine fishes and 251 species of inland fishes (in freshwaters and salt waters).


desi fish hilsa (Ilish):

The most vital (culturally and economically) one is hilsa (Ilish), Tenualosa ilisha, an anadromous fish that migrates down the ocean to the rivers to spawn. The immature young ones, domestically called jatka fully grown within the rivers and its tributaries, descend to the ocean for feeding, and on maturity come back to freshwater for breeding and to complete the life cycle.

The migrating adult fishes are extensively exploited throughout may to October; the young ones that are Jatka are captured throughout Feb to may within the rivers.Bangladesh is famous for this delicious fish (desi fish). It’s our national fish. It’s known as the king of fish too. In Bangladesh, hilsa fish is especially caught within the Padma (lower Ganges), Meghna (lower Brahmaputra), and Jamuna rivers. Over 100 percent of the country’s total fish production comes from hilsa fish. Hlish is an oily fish made of omega 3 fatty acids. Recent experiments have shown its useful effects in decreasing cholesterol level in rats and insulin level.

desi fish Rui (Labeo rohita):

Rui (Labeo rohita) may be a fish of the carp fish family, found normally in rivers and freshwater lakes in and around South Asia and South-East Asia. It’s a non-oily/white fish. Throughout the first stages of its lifecycle, it fares primarily creature, however, because it grows, it fares a lot of and a lot of flora, and as a juvenile or adult is a carpophagous column feeder, intake primarily flora and submerged vegetation. It’s changed, skinny hair-like gill rakers, suggesting that it feeds by sieving the water. This fish is thought domestically as ‘the king of fishes’. Found in fresh bodies, seldom in briny water. This fish may be a bottom feeder fish. Prey on each natural and supplementary feeds. Naturally breeds in flowing water bodies, particularly in rivers, and floodplains throughout the season.

Catla is that the sole member of the genus Gibelion, of the carp fish family. It’s a fish with an oversized sticking out jawbone. It’s normally found in rivers and fresh lakes in Bangladesh. Body short and deep, somewhat laterally compressed, its depth quite head length; head terribly giant, its depth exceptional half the top length; body with prominently giant cycloid scales, head barren of scales; snout flat out rounded; eyes giant and visual from face of the head; mouth wide and upturned with outstanding sticking out lower jaw; higher lip absent, lower lip terribly thick; no barbels; jawbone with a movable articulation at symphysis, while not a outstanding process; gill rakers long and fine. It will weigh quite fifty pounds.

Mrigel, Common English: Mrigal carp, Scientific name: Cirrhinus cirrhosis may be a native to giant rivers within the Indian landmass. Inhabits are quick flowing streams and rivers. It will tolerate high levels of salinity. Feeds on being, however additionally graze on protoctist. Spawning happens in marginal areas of the water body with a depth of 50-100 cm over a sand or clay substrate. It will grow one meter long and weigh up to twenty-five weight unit. This is an awfully active fish with a massive strength.

Kalibaus, Scientific Name: Labeo calbasu is also a popular species happens throughout Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Myanmar, Pakistan, Siam and Southern China. Inhabits in rivers, rivers, lakes, beels, and ponds; in slow waters of rivers and it’s primarily a bottom feeder that feeds on plants, filamentlike protoctist, and diatoms. It will weigh up to 5-6 weight units. Terribly strong fish to convey an excellent fight.

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Walking Machine Price In Bangladesh | Walibazar

Walking Machine Price In Bangladesh

Hello and welcome to our site. If you are looking for a walking machine at the best price in Bangladesh then surely it’s your favorite destination. Surely you have made a search to know the walking machine price I Bangladesh. We are offering you a walking machine in simply in your pocket budget (walking Machine Price In Bangladesh). Generally walking machine is known as a treadmill.  Here you can find different types of walking machine.

A home walking machine may be an excellent investment, supplying you with a lot of choices for exercise once you are out of your time, cannot get to the athletic facility, or cannot get outside. Employing a walking machine in a very athletic facility is one issue, however considering one for your home athletic facility is another matter. An honest walking machine is pricey and shopping for one does not essentially mean that you’re going to use it on a daily basis.

Before you choose whether or not to, however, a walking machine, think about these factors: walking machine

  • Your budget.
  • How a lot of areas you have got and whether or not you wish a folding walking machine.
  • How many of us can use it and the way typically.
  • How you will use it—running places a lot of stress on the machine than walking and needs an extended belt for an extended stride.
  • Extras like program choices, pulse rate monitor, etc.

Walking machine Motor horsepower

The horsepower delivered by the drive motor directly affects the standard of your walking machine and the way your workouts can feel.

Figuring out horsepower and motor specifications may be confusing. To make it simple, aim endless duty motor with a minimum of 1.5 power unit. If you propose on running on the walking machine of times, you will be comfortable selecting 2.5 to 3.0 power unit. You’ll conjointly want an additional powerful motor counting on your weight.

Minimum Specifications

Other things to seem for include:

  • Belt size: For running, the belt ought to be a minimum of 48 inches long and 16 inches wide.
  • Speed: If you propose on running, get a walking machine that goes up to 10 mph or higher.
  • Incline: Get a walking machine with an incline that goes up to ten percent or higher. If the walking machine features a decline feature, that’s conjointly valuable to offer an improved simulation of outside running conditions.
  • Cushioning: The running bed ought to absorb shock and also the belt should not move around with each foot-strike.
  • Stability: The walking machine should not shake after you run or walk thereon and also the frame ought to stay stable.
  • Control panel: It ought to be close by and easy to use.


Budget Folding Walking Machine

These models will have a shorter running belt, which can be adequate for walkers. They embody a show for speed, distance, time, and calories burned, still as a shelf with water-bottle holders. These models usually don’t embody a chest strap heart-rate monitor or heart-rate management programs.

Pros: If walking is your primary exercise, lower-priced models ought to satisfy.

Cons: Budget models are engineered from lighter materials tend to feel less stable, and their decks may well be too short for a runner’s stride.

Folding Walking Machine

Generally, these models can offer extra options to the budget folding models, together with additional exercise programs, together with heart-rate controlled setups. Some have a chest strap heart-rate monitor.

Pros: Sturdier construction makes these treadmills higher suited to occasional running.

Cons: The deck on several models should be too short for runners with an extended stride.

Non-Folding Walking Machine

These treadmills provide a sturdier deck and frame, an extended running belt, and bigger running surfaces.

Pros: The simplest alternative for frequent runners, and made of heavier, additional sturdy materials. Integrated heart-rate management programs, higher easy lay speeds, and vessel easy lay inclines are typical. They rated for heavier folks and are available with the longest warranties.

Cons: it should appear odd; however these dear models tend to own fewer intrinsic programs. Once each sq ft counts, house issues are non-negotiable.

Walking machine guarantee, Delivery, and Set-up

The manufacturer’s guarantee can typically offer you important clues on the standard of the walking machine. Search for a lifespan guarantee on the frame and motor, or at a minimum ten years. Electronics ought to have a five-year guarantee. Components and labor ought to have a two-year guarantee.

How can you get the walking machine into your home? Delivery prices are important if they’re not enclosed in the price. Also, take into account however you’re progressing to move the walking machine from your step to your selected exercising space and whether or not that’s enclosed or can value further. New walking machines sometimes need some assembly and you ought to see if that’s enclosed or needs a separate fee. ” walking Machine Price In Bangladesh ”

Using Your Walking machine

Once you get your walking machine home, you will have lots of opportunities to do out the various programs and obtain a routine. Walking machine workouts get pretty boring if you are doing a similar issue all the time. Make sure to require the time to explore all of the variations, therefore, your new walking machine does not linger in the corner turning into clothes rack.

Visite our  >>  Grocery Shopping

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Baby Party Dress In Bangladesh | Wali Bazar

Baby Party Dress
Baby Party Dress In Bangladesh

baby party dress in Bangladesh | Best Quality with best price

Are you searching for baby party dress in Bangladesh ? Every parent desires their baby to be looking fabulous for a party such as a birthday party. To make it the most special and unforgettable day of their life. Therefore, wearing an awesome dress can bring much comfort to the parents as well as the very special little men or princess. However, You need to know what is the trend of the season. What designs are going very well throughout the seasons. The question is, From where will you be able to purchase from? Our website can offer you some great outfit ideas for your very little one’s very special occasion.

If you are craving for a meal or having a celebration for your very little man why not select a classy shirt and printed tie suit? These are nice for small boys as they will look gorgeous carrying a true tie and nevertheless, they still have a sensible and formal look to them. A number of these outfits will fit perfectly with a garment and braces that look lovely also can undoubtedly get your very little bundle of joyous concern from everyone.

A princess can wear a decorated gown. You have got to confirm that you just have purchased it beforehand to avoid any moment rushes. There are a variety of brands that provide the pre-stitched princess dresses, all decked up at our store. You’ll be able to comfortably select a customized dress in

Personalized or printed t-shirts are another nice plan for a birthday outfit. They’re a one-off, particularly as you’ll be able to have your style, baby’s name or a message written on the dress. It may also match with either casual jeans or maybe good black trousers. Therefore, finding your excellent combination for the large day is simple. Most children love dressed up having their favorite character on it.

For a children party why not select a theme costume party? It will not only be easier to find, it brings fun for adults and youngsters too. It lets the youngsters decide how they wish to dress up o their special day.

You will get here all you wish. Therefore, don’t be tensed. Shop from here without any hesitation

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Best Remote Control cars in Bangladesh | Wali Bazar

Are you want to Buy a remote control cars in Bangladesh, Don’t miss read the Article :

Looking for the best remote controlled cars in Bangladesh in a best price? Your search is over. Here you will get the best remote controlled cars with various models like as toy grade car, hobby grade cars, trucks, drones etc.



Remote Control Cars
Remote Control Cars in Bangladesh| Wali Bazar

What is remote control cars in bangladesh

Radio controlled (or R/C) cars are typically known as remote control cars in Bangladesh.  These cars are battery/gas-powered model cars or trucks that may be controlled from a distance by a specialized transmitter or remote. The term “R/C” has a meaning “remote controlled” and “radio controlled”.  “Remote controlled” includes vehicles that are connected to their controller by a wire.  However common use of “R/C” nowadays sometimes refers to vehicles controlled by a radio-frequency operator.

More information for remote control cars in Bangladesh

Cars are power-driven by various sources. Electrical models are power-driven by little however powerful electrical motors and reversible nickel-cadmium, nickel metal binary compound, or lithium polymer cells. There are two types of motors usually used in this type vehicals they are brushed or brushless electric motors. Whereas most fuel-powered models are mentioned as “nitro” cars.

New innovation includes exceptionally massive models that are high-powered with little gasoline engines like string trimmer motors that use a combination of oil and gasoline. Electrical cars are typically easier for the novice to figure with compared to fuel-driven models. However, it will be suitable for you for the big budgets.

Toy-grade R/C cars

Toy-grade R/C cars are generally factory-made with a spotlight for style which has reduced production prices. Wherever as a hobby-grade car has separate electronic elements that are separately similar if they fail. Toy grade cars are generally created with parts more durable to search out as spare components and one electronic circuit board integrated into the planning of the vehicle. Though enthusiastic kids look down on toy-grade R/C cars. Their maintenance is far easier than that of the hobby-grade models since a variety of elements is drastically smaller. And components may be harvested at nearly no value from any R/C toy car of the similar size.

Toy-grade R_C cars
Toy-grade R_C cars | Wali Bazar

The more the value the more the performance. with the addition of Lipo batteries R/C car toys will rise the speed up to 1/2 compared to the speed of the hobby-grade car for 1/5 of the value. Stock toy-grade cars includes weaker motors and thease types of toy cars are high-powered by alkaline or nickel-cadmium accumulator batteries. Their high speed is sometimes around 5–15 mph (8–24 km/h).

Cheaper ones lack any style of a suspension and also the ones that do feature a suspension have terribly primitive or rudimentary designs. Steering is usually not proportional and there’s generally no “throttle” either, with stopped and full power typically being the sole choices. With all the disadvantages, toy-grade R/C cars are a good choice particularly for the ages 5–10, and are the low-cost platform for modifications and calibration even for older hobbistics.

Keep in mind : Wali Bazar Provides the best remote control cars in Bangladesh.

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Best online grocery shopping in Dhaka Bangladesh | Wali Bazar

Why Wali Bazar is the Best online grocery shopping in Dhaka ?

Wali Bazar is a top online marketplace for online grocery shopping in Dhaka Bangladesh. We are providing home delivery service at your door. Online shopping with us is fun and comfortable. It will save your time and taka. Buying grocery item from your crowded local market can be very frustrating and time-consuming.Besides, it is an old fashi

Save Your Time & Money

on way to buy from local store. Here in wali bazar, you can buy all kinds of grocery item within just a few minutes. We are also a source of the wholesale market in Dhaka.

All of the stationery items are listed with price. Go through the variety of items displayed and put what you need in your cart. You can also search for your necessary items in the search option. We will reach your desired products at your door in no time.

Wali Bazar categories :

Our product collection is huge. We emphasize in your choice so we give you chance to choose your favorite product. Our variety of product category includes dairy foods, meat and fish, ready-mix, rice, salt and sugar, snacks, spices, miscellaneous, vegetables etc. We have some special items in other categories too. Check out our baby items, beauty and health, food, home appliances, library and stationary, wholesale bazar, resepi bazar, popular bazar, pet animal bazaar, organic bazar, health bazar categories. You may also feel great to buy an awesome gift from our gift bazar section. Don’t miss out!

Grocery items:

We always try to stand out from the other online grocery shops in Dhaka. In Wali Bazar, you will get food recipes in Bangladesh. Bangladeshi cooking items bring a new deshi test in your dining table. Deshi fishes are also available in our shop. You may also love to check layer chicken price in Bangladesh as we keep our price as low as possible

e to give you the comfort of shopping.

Shopping for Baby items :

Baby items shopping in Bangladesh has become easier as we provide all baby products including baby food, baby toys, baby dress online shopping in Bangladesh. Here in Wali Bazar, you will get all new collection of varieties newborn baby clothes in Bangladesh. Choosing a dress for your baby is often challenging. You have to make sure the dress has the perfect size, design and quality. You can easily pick your desired size, lucrative design and best quality dress from our store. Our collection range from baby girl dress to all size baby boy dress in Bangladesh. Also, the variety includes baby party dress, baby outing dress for your family trip. The most popular baby items include the baby walker, baby napkin, baby diapers etc. For baby toys you may like remote control cars, planes as well. To find more visit our baby items page.

health and fitness products

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Medical and Beauty products are also avai

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Disease-Proof Your Life with these Suggestions Nutrition in BD

Many people today believe having good habits is really hard that it is reallyn’t worth attempting. The reality is, that nutrition in BD is not difficult when you’ve got the understanding to achieve. Read the hints below to discover more info about the very best strategies to increase your nutrition in BD.

Nutrition in BDGetting your children to eat veggies can be as simple as being sneaky. Vegetables when processed may be utilized in lots of the foods that your children adore. Purees and your dish add sweetness and flavor together, however, also ensures that that the children are receiving the advantage.

See your cholesterol consumption. Cholesterol impacts your rate that affects your system breaks food down. Having cholesterol can lead to cardiovascular disease, strokes or heart attacks. Besides ensuring you’ve got a diet with cholesterol, make sure if you’re worried with your own levels you find a doctor.

Carbohydrates aren’t the enemy. Your body needs carbohydrates to survive and it may cause your organs harm or even lead them to neglect, by simply cutting them out. Nevertheless, you can find bad and good carbohydrates. The good ones are normally complex carbohydrates like polyunsaturated along with other foods that are high-calorie.

You are going to want to appear in the movement for locally grown food, if you’re worried about nutrition in BD. You receive a byproduct by purchasing produce from farms that are smallish. It has not been sent across state in cars! It will not be laden with pesticides if grown.

Sesame seeds are great for garnishing hamburger buns? Think again! Sesame is packed with essential nutrients such as iron, calcium, and vitamins E and B1. In addition, it includes antioxidants. Hummus is a way to eat sour, while also obtaining protein. Spread it and revel in a healthy and delicious beverage.

Do not consume just as much salt. Foods and snacks are a number of the worst culprits for salt. You’re likely to discover that you simply take note of salt, if you consume less salt daily are going to become tasting. You’ll begin having cravings for them.

Nutritionists agree that if it comes to reducing cholesterol levels 25 mg daily is your magical number. Vegetarians (or anybody else, for that matter) can easily fulfill this condition from consuming soy foods such as edamame (green beans which were cooked and lightly chopped), lettuce, and roasted soy nuts.)

Concentrate on eating more foods that are organic. Foods that are organic and unprocessed are used by the body. These meals are less inclined to be stored as fat. Pick whole grains and fruits, vegetables and complex carbohydrates since the diet’s mainstays plan.

Almonds are an excellent addition particularly to decrease the cravings which you have. Opt for a bag of sauce, to get a bite that you will like and not need to regret, rather than potato chips. Decisions in this way can accumulate over time on your trip to attain.


You are able to create yourself a healthy meal that is great, when eating in a salad bar. Load up on the dark leafy greens, and then add a few carrots and peppers. Do not heap on thick dressing table, for you to eat at 20, also it will not be beneficial.

Ensure that you’re not forcing your kid to eat. You’re encouraging them to overeat if you compel them to stay eating once they are complete. This may cause issues such as diabetes and obesity in the future. Respect your child’s fantasies if they say they have had enough.

Be sure to limit if you are pregnant. As you’re pregnant, you should not drink two or more cups of java a day. Too much caffeine may cause you with your infant or a miscarriage being underweight if it is born, therefore it is important to limit.

Fruit has its own place in a nutritious diet. While fruits do include sugars,(which is the reason why they taste so great!) They are the most natural sugars. They have fewer effects than artificial sweeteners and digest. This sugar makes fruit a snack option.

Bring your own snacks or meals. It’s the easiest way to maintain your household as you’re out eating healthy. Maintain your fruit so each time they feel the need, it’s simple for the children to reach in the fridge and grab an orange or apple.

Nutrition is something which you don’t need to be worried about, it’s found in wholesome that were accessible foods. But, eat healthier and it’s all up to you to create the decisions about nutrition in BD. There is an abundance of foods you need to opt to consume them!

Having the ideal knowledge is the trick to improving nutrition in BD. It’s simpler than people think to make changes plan. Following the methods in this article will create much better nourishment, a target that is far easier to achieve. Nutrition is significant that it’s well worth the time that it can take to know about doing it.

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Tips for Dog Care in BD: Only for Dog Lovers in Bangladesh

It is natural that you’d love with a puppy. Dogs have been pets for centuries. It is almost always a fantastic idea to get a puppy, but you must keep in mind which you’re also taking on a while if you bring a dog. Below are a few ways. Dog Care in BD It is also important.

Always give your pet lots of affection and attention. Be sure to allow the dog know you’re happy whenever your puppy behaves correctly and provide them some attachment when you talking about dog care in BD. This can help reinforce the behaviour and the puppy will attempt to act in this way for the attention. .

Never allow your pet to ride in a vehicle unsecured. Sitting at the front chair or in your lap is harmful both to your capacity along with him to push. Place him at an pet store or put money into a seat belt which can keep him safe and comfortable .

Pick a puppy in that can happily and readily blend into the way you live. If you’re a busy lifestyle it is perfect for one to come across an puppy rather than a dog. If you like to be in your home, a dog that loves a great deal of time is an perfect option. Finding will create you both happy.

Do not get the food to the dog. The cheaper manufacturers contain a whole lot of ingredients and preservatives, additives which could compromise your pet’s health. Get in touch with an animal advocacy group about. This is going to be valuable to your pet’s wellbeing.

Dog Care in BDIt is essential that you maintain your pet’s ears clean. Maintaining the interior of the ears clean can help prevent diseases of the earinfections. In addition, this is a fantastic time for you to inspect the ear to get ticks, fleas and any pests which might have made your pet’s ear house.

Schedule a trip to the vet once you get a new pet. Create an appointment. A vet set up a program of vaccinations and is likely to guarantee that the puppy is healthy. As there’s already an overpopulation issue consider getting your pup spayed or neutered.

Your pet should exercise. Like people, stay healthy dogs need to exercise to burn off off calories, and assist their heads remain sharp. Exercising also helps them prevent boredom which could lead to behaviours that are harmful. Pursuing gum, scratching, digging, and keeping your pet active may suppress chewing gum urges. It can help them prevent melancholy.


You have to give consideration to your decision to bring a dog with proper dog care in BD. Sometimes, it’s difficult to resist the face of dog or a puppy, but recall just how much can be involved in the care of your pet. Use that time so that you be certain that you are making the option that is best to think about this.

It’s normal to wish to get your dog trained as swiftly as possible. Remember that there’s a limitation as to how quickly this procedure will go. If you aren’t realistic, then you are more inclined to get frustrated. Your pet is going to learn over time, but it might not happen.

You ought to be giving your dog water. Two times daily if your puppy doesn’t drink water, then you should change his bowl. If the tap water locally is not good, give her or him bottled water. Your pet needs to have exactly the identical caliber as you’ve got in regards to drinking water.


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Perfect Tips For Old And New Cats in BD for Owners

Cats in bd really are a fine creature with characteristics and abilities. A kitty can be found by you in a number of homes and in every town. Getting together with a cat may pose problems. These creatures could pose a obstacle to understanding their nuances and can be guys that are stubborn. Cats like to play be certain that you supply a lot of toys to them. Cats like batting around ball or a mouse . Some cats create a toy. Playing with your cat is not enjoyable, it permits them to get exercise. Receive a water fountains. Cats in BD are more prone to dehydration, also water that is conducting induce them to drink. It’s since from the wild water is likely to be polluted than a pool, an habit that’s developed. Your pet will drink, and also will love the water more. Assess your cats ears frequently. You will notice that your cat scratching their ears much whenever they get them or shaking their head.

Cats in BDThey are. They’re also able to travel to cat in case you’ve got more than 1 cat. Because their ears need cleaned watch a vet prior to using any medication. Establish a place for her to get her kittens, if a cat isn’t pregnant. A cardboard box outfitted with blanket and a pillow is great. Put it at the back of a cupboard or out of their way area. Maintain water and food dishes near. Do not presume that because a drug is acceptable that you take, that it’s safe for the cat. Many medications are deadly for cats in BD, for example acetaminophen containing aspirin and medications.

Before you provide your cat anything, check with your vet. Never allow your kitty experience boredom. Cats need stimulation. Many owners don’t understand that this significant part possession. Cats may suffer with depression, disorders that are intense, along with other problems that can affect their wellbeing and well-being. Ensure that your cats have a good deal of space for play and a vast array of toys. In case you’ve got an indoor cat, then provide a range of toys to him he could climb on. Does your cat munching on your house plants? If so there’s a cure for it. Growing catnip or oat grass yourself might help lure your cats in BD. Offering them plants which they enjoy and can consume will help attract them into these plants. Don’t flush litter. This may cause difficulties with your pipes. Instead lift the clumps and get rid of them.

Do not overlook, moisture is the thing that produces the mess clump at the first location! Avoid doing that and dispose of it. Consider obtaining a sort of bowl if your cat appears to wish to prevent his food bowl. Vinyl can turn off a cat if it is not cleaned and may continue to specific scents. A metal or glass bowl so that your cat will remain eating. The odds are good that they are home filthy if a cat goes outside a great deal. You ought to make an appointment if your cat is dirty or smelling like a skunk. Groomers will be gentle leading to a traumatic encounter. A lot of of us don’t understand that it’s completely normal that you take cats so they can get fresh air and exercise. There are harnesses made to use with your furry friend. There is in the event you employ the kind which were created for puppies. Provide engaging entertainment to your cat and secure. If you cannot be at the home with your furry friend, you need to make sure that it has access to diversions and toys. We realize that cats are animals, but it does not mean that they do not delight in playing to pass the time. This is particularly important when your furry friend is on your home for lengthy intervals. There’s a great deal of responsibility involved using a kitty. All that hair will probably be. Unless you’re all set to do lots of cleaning, you shouldn’t find cats in BD. Not to mention are more inclined to having issues.

Turn the lights out and utilize a. Cat urine includes calcium, that glows beneath this sort of bulb. This is useful because you may not be in a position to find the specific area to be treated. Use a bit of chalk if the lights flip forth so it’s possible to view it to trace the outline of this blot. You can stay by outsmarting your 13, together with the hints given. They will discover where to keep away from and the way to go. They are sometimes well-trained while they are not as easy to train as a puppy and also be forced into companions to their owners.

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Tips And Tricks For Getting The Most Body jewellery in BD

Save some of your jewellery in BD for special occasions. Some stones such as period and opal stored until the following occasion and then should be put on for specific events. Jewelry in BD makes a fantastic gift for anyone. They are perfectly appropriate to birthdays and popular. There are many types of bits and styles which you may locate or have made on your own or somebody you consider using a birthstone.

Do not obtain any jewelry. This nation is notor us for promoting metal jewelry and gemstone. The jewellery promoted the turquoise is a bit of vinyl along with as silver with turquoise is a slice of metal. Returns may be accepted by vendors, however, the hassle of sending it back is not worthwhile. Be aware.

 jewellery in BD


To clean up a bit of jewellery in BD, use a window cleaner. A small quantity of the window cleaner on s soft object of fabric. Before it sparkles rub the fabric against the jewellery. Jewelry is found in bad condition, and employing this cleaning process may make it appear new.

Gifting or when creating jewelry, then create by choosing beads, stones, and colours that communicate emotions, every piece more purposeful. Green stones such as emeralds and jade signify energy and growth, making them perfect gifts for moms, newlyweds, or even friends that are active in efforts and lifestyles.

Utilize jewelry at a bold colour to select an accent colour on your own outfit. Suit your necklace, bracelets or earrings into a color if you’re wearing a skirt with a colored, plaid or floral print. This really is a fantastic way to add colour to an ensemble that is otherwise dark, and it may pull your look.

Avoid come to contact with substances, like those. Some substances can stain or damage stones and metals. Stones such as opal pearls or turquoise shouldn’t be submersed in water so long to reduce harm.

It’s crucial that you browse the cleanup instructions, if you will utilize a jewelry cleaning lotion onto your own jewelry. If you don’t read the directions carefully, you may wind up ruining your own jewelry. Ensure if you will utilize a jewelry cleaning option to follow the instructions.


Guarantee that the rings are polished by that the jeweler a wedding band and an engagement band with each other. Rings are frequently worn a while prior to the wedding ring is and it’ll seem if they’re not polished to look new, as the rings don’t match.

Make certain that you take it off, in regards to taking good care of your jewellery in BD. This is significant because things like cream, hand cream, and hair dryer may lead to damage. This may be permanent harm, or time consuming disfigurement.

For those who have bracelets, rings or bracelets which you enjoy but don’t wear, think about revamping them to pieces that are new. Gemstones may be reset by artisans, and bracelets could be summed to bracelets or combined to make a modern layout. Be creative and look online for recycling those pieces.

When purchasing jewellery online in BD, you must provide as many promises as possible. The consumers can’t observe the item and estimate of its standard: a few folks may not purchase jewelry online only because they don’t want to trust vendors. When warranties are offered by you, your clients will understand that your jewelry has to be quality.

Be careful, if you would like to provide jewelry for a present to a person. Giving jewellery in BD is a gesture: Be certain that you are giving. Kinds of jewelry, colors of cost tags and stone have a significance. Request advice.

Gold prices have dropped, and it can be great if you are promoting gold, but not so useful if your heart set on gold. Keep in mind that it may be affordable if you think about pieces though gold that is real is expensive. Eighteen karats signifies the piece contains percentage of gold: that seems like a luxury thing and stays affordable.

Attempt to be trendy with this tendency but do not go too much. You have scars out of your piercings and will regret putting holes when you’re 30 years old. Not everybody enjoys this appearance so try to be patient with your grandparents. It is fantastic to be a person but which means not doing exactly what everybody else does. YOu can find lookrative and cheap Jewellery in BD in Wali Bazar.

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Smart BD Online Shopping Tips for Your Smart Consumer

Smart BD Online ShoppingWould you want to shop from smart BD online shopping? Well, who does not! Wali Bazar is the best choice for you.  Shopping is a past time that people enjoy. The world wide web has made it simpler for you. There’s absolutely no limit to the bargains you may find or what you are able to purchase. You have to be aware of the techniques to get the most out of your shopping day! Below are some tips. A idea to keep in mind when you are considering smart BD online shopping is to be certain that the website is untrue. You do not wish to be more providing your credit card information off to someone. Always examine the website in order to tell if it is safe to use and professional. You can do a lot of your products grocery buying right frequently at the lowest prices. Know about the risks of shopping online with your device.

Even though it’s suitable for any variety of reasons, it will place your information for an elevated danger of eavesdropping. URLs that are abbreviated and Public wi-fi are more easy to get around from home than calculating save your purchasing fix for the states that are most secure. Whether an online seller asks for your social security number, don’t make any purchases on them. Though your credit card information is necessary, there’s not any demand for a company to request your credit card information if you’re purchasing from these. In reality, you need to report any company which requests for this information into this Better Business Bureau. If you find a product you’d love to purchase online, but wish to cover somewhat less then add it to your cart.

Most shops will save yourself the things that you place in your cart, so which means that you may come by and await cost drops. Don’t wait as long. Might evaporate. Purchasing items out of the shop entails more than the cost of this thing – together with the high cost of gasoline nowadays, the cost related to driving to and from your shop, as well as wear and tear in your vehicle, can surpass the cost of the thing that you need to purchase! Smart BD online shopping online shopping is also, for a lot of folks, a much cheaper kind of purchasing. Pay careful attention you’re currently selecting. You want to have something every day or 2 and unless it’s a dire emergency, the delivery is sufficient. There’s absolutely no need to cover a good deal for 3 or your two day once you may have your purchase in a few days, shipping. Several websites provide discounts; thus, search online to find out whether there are some discounts available. If there is a code just for delivery, it can save you a lot while purchasing a few things simultaneously. See whether you’re able to get a program for those shops and stores you frequent. You can store wiser using a app that is retailers. Let’s say your outside and at a area, you have the ability to store. If you are in care and a shop to purchase something, searching online for this program is able to help you determine if it’s truly worthwhile. Research your seller.

Smart BD online shopping ought to be a concern. Are there any problems with transport times or high quality of product? Many people research the merchandise it is always great to know who you’re currently purchasing from too. Deals websites will be able to help you to find fantastic deals and are plentiful. Bear in mind that a few of those offers could be biased. Assessing into online reviews of the merchant can allow you to determine not or if they’re okay to conduct business together. When shopping online, you’re most likely to get some fantastic deals. Exactly like retailers, online websites wish to clean out the product of this season in their store to make new inventory. This is when there are lower than usual. When purchasing online, do not forget to take shipping costs under account. Several online stores offer earnings, very good discounts or deals , and charge amounts. Shop around for shipping costs, in addition to good prices. You can find even free, or shops that offer transport. Trust your instincts when it comes online. Shopping on the web is different than your local shop in. After reading the following article, you need to begin buying straight away. Remember to keep the suggestions in mind while you navigate websites. Be certain you keep the tips should you choose whether to buy. The hints can allow you to get the deals and the items that are very best, therefore get started.

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