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Online Shopping in Bangladesh.

Online shopping in Bangladesh

Recently, in this era or information and communication technology where every activity, service is becoming modernized and technology based, shopping is following the digitalized foot steps too. People often feel agonized and tired to go out and look for their desired products and goods, change places for better quality or for finding at a cheaper, efficient pricing and so they are heading towards to online shopping where products are easy to find, checking and comparing prices is easier, and all these in an electronic device with an Internet connection accessible with the touch of a finger which is amazing. There are no barriers on the types of products you can find online such as from your grocery items to items you can’t buy comfortably, from clothes to shoes, cosmetics medicines, gifts, tickets, medicine even university courses, almost everything . You can also sell your own products online. Because of all these countless advantages online shopping is getting more and more popular day by day. Bangladesh is no exception to this too though it is a developing country and most of the people are new to the usage of technologies and Internet. So whether it is curiosity or actual need Bangladeshi people are using or trying out online shopping services. Online shopping in Bangladesh is a growing sector with a lot of marketplaces and the quality of products, goods and services is dubious. Corruption is present at every sector and online shopping in Bangladesh is also in this list. There are thousands of complaints even at the big portals saying the products don’t meet  the description and don’t match with the pictures, low quality materials, rotten or expired grocery items, delayed deliveries, often no guarantee of delivery as most of the companies use third party delivery services which is frustrating specially for customers who paid in advance, advance payment services are often risky, has chances of leaking privacy  and many more problems specifically in a country like ours where these stand out more than the actual services. There are many positive sides too such as it is easier to find a product with decent price rates after researching and comparing the prices from various marketplaces, authentic brands, customer reviews which help a lot to determine the service of the store you are looking for to purchase your desired product, it is time efficient as you don’t have to a store which also saves your travelling costs as well as physical labor, you can check out the same product from different brands and even buy from an international store which you can’t do physically, online market places often provide discounted rates, also you don’t have to worry about the weight and size of your product or goods since these will be delivered to your desired destination which is a huge benefit in a country like ours where roads are not really well structured and maintained. If you keep your eyes open and are able to locate trustworthy sites you’ll be fine and soon find yourself enjoying the online services of shopping.There are a lot of online sites where you can do shopping in Bangladesh. Such as- 


Daraz is one of the most popular and biggest online shopping marketplace in Bangladesh which offers almost all kinds of products from many sellers and there are multiple options available for payment methods. It also provides many products from China. Daraz has a satisfactory delivery service when it is done by their own shipping company. It also offers receiving your products from their delivery office near your area at your desired time. Though it is the biggest site, there are a lot of fraud and crooked sellers on this website and false pricing is a common issue here. Being one of the first sites of online shopping in Bangladesh, daraz has become one of the top marketplaces. 

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Evaly is pretty new to the online shopping sector in Bangladesh but it has already reached at a high peak because of the crazy cashback offers and discounts they provide. It is growing so fast that it may actually throw off the balance of e-commerce logistics. But, when a company gets this big in a short amount of time there must be a lot of problems and yes, you are right. Very late delivery times, often changing policies, bad customer care service are huge problems here. But, these are not stopping its customers.

  • Rokomari .com :

When it comes done to book online shopping in Bangladesh, Rokomari should be your first choice. It is a online book store which offers almost all genres of books. Every reader can find their books  here from science fiction to religion, literature, history, anything. It provides satisfying services and the customer reviews are pretty good and positive.

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If you want a site in online shopping in Bangladesh which has an Islamic community then walibazar is right up the alley. Walibazar is one of the top online marketplaces with excellent reviews and has fast delivery service with efficient pricing on grocery items. Walibazar also provides home appliances, beauty and health products, books, Islamic items, properties etc. Walibazar is also offering some online jobs. Walibazar believes  in honest business. Walibazar is growing fast in the sector which is online shopping in Bangladesh.

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If you are looking for a trusted and top quality site do some tech online shopping in Bangladesh then Pickaboo is the right place. Pickaboo is a marketplace focused on electronic devices and technology based items such as mobile phones, TV, AC, oven etc and their delivery service is wicked fast in Dhaka. Tough they have little amount of products, they have made it to the top for excellent service. 

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Finding a site in online shopping in Bangladesh which has youthful products? Bagdoom is most likely focused on the youth lifestyle. You can find clothings, accessories, grooming items, jewellery, footwear, cosmetics, home appliances and items made out of jute. 


Sheba is a little different in the list of sites in online shopping in Bangladesh. Sheba mainly provides home services such as cleaning, repairing, plumbing, house shifting, car rental and providers are verified by the company so, no reason to not take these wonderful services with flexible time scheduling. 

  • Chaldalcom :

Chaldal is an online grocery marketplace which offers fast delivery service throughout Dhaka city. They often offers exciting discount prices and you can get free shipping if you order goods worth more than 399 taka. The online shopping sector is gradually becoming more and more bigger and the number of marketplaces is increasing and the amount of customers is growing too which is impressive.The world is going through a really tough time now because of the Covid-19 virus. Everyone is locked up or quarantined in their own homes until the virus comes under control. Going out in this situation is risky so online shopping in Bangladesh is playing a huge role in the field of safety in terms of shopping. But, there are risks like getting infected from the delivery man but that can be avoided by taking a few steps of safety and sanitization procedures. Praying and hoping that soon we will overcome this pandemic.Wali Bazar is a top online marketplace for Online Shopping in Bangladesh. We are providing home delivery service at your door. online grocery shopping in Dhaka with us is fun and comfortable. It will save your time and taka. Buying grocery item from your crowded local market can be very frustrating and time-consuming. Besides, it is an old fashion way to buy from local store. Here in wali bazar, you can buy all kinds of grocery item within just a few minutes. We are also a source of the wholesale market in Online Shopping in Bangladesh.All of the stationery items are listed with price. Go through the variety of items displayed and put what you need in your cart. You can also search for your necessary items in the search option. We will reach your desired products at your door in no time. So  wali bazar is best Online Shopping in shopping

Our product collection is huge. We emphasize in your choice so we give you chance to choose your favorite product. Our variety of product category includes dairy foods, meat and fish, ready-mix, rice, salt and sugar, snacks, spices, miscellaneous, vegetables etc. We have some special items in other categories too. Check out our baby items, beauty and health, food, home appliances, library and stationary, wholesale bazar, resepi bazar, popular bazar, pet animal bazaar, organic bazar, health bazar categories. You may also feel great to buy an awesome gift from our gift bazar section. Don’t miss out! for online grocery shopping in Dhaka at walibazar.We always try to stand out from the other online grocery shops in Dhaka. In Wali Bazar, you will get food recipes in Bangladesh. Bangladeshi cooking items bring a new deshi test in your dining table. Deshi fishes are also available in our shop. You may also love to check layer or broiler chicken price in Bangladesh as we keep our price as low as possible to give you the comfort of Online Shopping in Bangladesh.

Baby items in Online Shopping in Bangladesh. has become easier as we provide all baby products including baby food, baby toys, baby dress online grocery shopping in Dhaka. Here in Wali Bazar, you will get all new collection of varieties newborn baby clothes in Bangladesh. Choosing a dress for your baby is often challenging. You have to make sure the dress has the perfect size, design and quality. You can easily pick your desired size, lucrative design and best quality dress from our store. Our collection range from baby girl dress to all size baby boy dress in Bangladesh. Also, the variety includes baby party dress, baby outing dress for your family trip. The most popular baby items include the baby walker, baby napkin, baby diapers etc. For baby toys you may like remote control cars, planes as well. To find more visit our baby items page.If you are a health conscious person we have health and fitness related products for you. After tiresome day returning from your office you may not want to spend more one or two hours in a gym including transport hassle.

So home gym can be your ultimate solution. You can easily turn your home into a mini gym for your own personal use. Please check out our special collection of walking machine price in Online Shopping in Bangladesh. Other popular items are exercise bikes, Treadmills, weight benches, weights, dumbbells, barbells and more. Give your best, invest in your body.Medical and Beauty products are also available in our shop. Often buying medical items from local market can be risky. We are very careful about medical products. We understand the value of your health. So we have zero tolerance for health care items. Check our beauty tips for fairness, skin care tips in Bangla also hair treatment in Bangladesh to take good care of your health. Skin care items are guaranteed to be the best product in the market. Also, the products which will increase the glow of your skin are available too in our store. We will give you the best quality honey in Online Shopping in Bangladesh.Shopping with us is so easy that you can send us a photo of your bazar list on the contact us page.

We will get back to you. We are continuously giving all our efforts to increase our services as well as our products. So that you can find all your needs in one place. Our service includes duplex house design by the most experienced architects and designers in Bangladesh. Please contact us for any kind of your needs even if it is trendy products or popular services. Also, do not forget to invite your friends and relatives to shop with us. You may earn incentives from us by inviting your close person.We have some mindblowing offer available for you too. Every day there is a surprise offer for you namely “WOW offer”. Every month there is also a special gift for the 10 most loyal customers. There are more exclusive offers. Stay updated with us through our customer support and social media at Online Shopping in Bangladesh.If you want to include your store or Brand with us. Please contact us through our hotline number or email.Privacy policy here at Wali Bazar is very strict. Protecting your privacy is an important principle for us. We are highly committed to ensuring the safety of your information. Here you are ensured to have most secured and trusted payment gateway systems. Paying for your favorite product has never so easy with us.

We provide the best online grocery shopping in Dhaka city. Our customer service agents are always eagerly waiting to hear from you. 100% customer satisfaction is our main vision and mission. We are recognized among best grocery shopping in bd offering a variety of products.

We are committed to becoming a trusted brand on the web where customers can find and discover grocery items they are willing to buy online and we endeavor to offer our customers the lowest possible price. Most of our customers are regular customers. We do not compromise in quality which turns our customers into one hundred percent satisfied and regular shoppers. We tend to be the largest and most popularonline grocery shopping platform here in in Dhaka .Feel free to use our efficient shopping facility. Let us know your experience with us.

We would love to hear from you. Join our social media network to get latest exclusive deals and many moreFeel free to use our efficient shopping facility. Let us know your experience with us. We would love to hear from you. Join our social media network to get latest exclusive deals. Best Online Shopping in Bangladesh.

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