Teer Atta 2 kg

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2 kg

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Teer atta 2kg

Teer atta is a true symbol of quality. Whereas local market has seen the consumption of many branded wheat based products, teer atta makes its mark itself. One can easily differentiate amongst their quality easily. manufactured from one of the best quality of wheat, teer atta is produced in a highly modernized environment meeting strict safety standard.

The extracted wheat and other ingredients is crushed using the popular “bhuler” machine of switzerland to ensure 100% purity and fineness. Teer atta is proud to serve its consumers where it stand with a respectable market share.

It is the finest and the best machines in manufacturing units, which ensure the best quality of atta that they produce. If you have not yet had teer atta, then we highly encourage you having it! It’s the taste that sets them apart from the rest not to mention the value!

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