Muslim Sweet Curd- 850gm

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Muslim Sweetmeet,bangladesh

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Muslim Sweet Curd- 850gm

Gowala Sweet Curd- 750gm is available in; Wali Bazar is an online shop in Dhaka city. We yield to the epoch is valuable to our fellow Dhaka residents, and that they should not have to waste hours in traffic, brave bad weather and wait in parentage just to make a get hold of basic necessities subsequent to eggs! This is why wali bazar delivers anything you compulsion right at your entre-step and at no subsidiary cost.

10 Benefits of eating yogurt at noon

Most people have curd in the favorite food. Usually we drink curd after lunch. Like delicious to eat yogurt is very beneficial for health. We know that yogurt is made from milk. In fact, from 4500 years ago, people started making and eating curd. It is made from milk bacteria. It is made of yogurt pairing in the diet.

Calfskin ketchup in the ground
There is always going to eat curd in all parts of the world. We usually make different yogurt. Talk yogurt and sweet curd. Even though people like two kinds of yogurt, it can also be said that talk yogurt is more beneficial than sweet curry. The common man consumes yogurt after lunch, and this habit is very beneficial. So let us know the benefits of this, Do it in the body.

1. Yogurt makes our immunity system strong
Just as technology has improved in standing in the year 2017, this improvement has made this society a mess. It has weakened our immune system very much. It only strengthens the immune system in our body and provides protection from various diseases.

2. Yogurt increases our digestive power
Many times we eat different types of food. Many times our body is unable to digest it. It causes various abdominal problems. But our digestive system enhances our digestive strength and problems in the stomach. Playing yogurt helps to digest it.

3. Reduce the weight of yogurt
The fat of our body brings many diseases and carries with our fat. A hormone named after cortisol which is called cortisol in the womb. This hormone increases obesity, which brings many diseases to our body. But it protects us from it. There are calcium in our diet Maintains the balance of the cortisol. And so we reduce the chances of obesity.

4. Improve our heart health
Yogurt prevents cholesterol in the arterial region of our heart. After eating Dipupur, after eating yogurt, our heart is protected and cardiovascular diseases are also avoided.


5. There is a lot of calcium in the curd which strengthens our bones and teeth
Calcium is our bone and the main element of the dose. Calcium is very important in women’s body. In the case of many women, bone problems arise in many women. As mentioned earlier, there is a lot of calcium in the diet which is beneficial for our bones. If our teeth and bones are protected, what is the harm?

6. Eating yogurt for very young children is very helpful
The children’s digestive system is weak. They cannot digest and eat all the food. It is a food that can be easily digested. Both of which contain calcium, which make the soft bones harder and help the children grow. Babies can digest. Therefore, it is also very important for curd children.

7. Yogurt removes depression and freezes stress
It is very difficult to remain depressed and stress free in today’s competitive society. Some bacteria that control our brain pressure from all the bacteria that are in our gut. This helps us to control the brain’s pressure.

8. Reduce the chances of ulcers
Yogurt prevents the possibility of having ulcerative ulcers in our stomach. Protecting our small intestine also helps prevent dryness of our stomach’s cancer. Therefore, eating a yogurt after a lunch is a very good practice.

9. Vagina protects from infection
For women, the curd is even more beneficial. Lactilasilas have acidulous. These bacteria react with Khawaja Sugar in our food and create hydrogen peroxide which removes vaginal fungal infections.

10. Help reduce cholesterol
There is the ability to reduce blood cholesterol in the yogi. It helps to get relief from our heart-related diseases and strokes from cholesterol. So eating it after a regular lunch is very beneficial.

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