FLAT SALE NEAR LALMATIA in west Dhaka city.

2 beded Flat near Sat masjid road. beside of Confidence Tower & Al Manar Hospital

জরুরী টাকর প্রয়োজনে ৩০ লাখে নতুন ফ্ল্যাট, নগদে ২টি ফ্ল্যাট বিক্রয় হবে। এ ছাড়ে বুকিং এর শেষ তারিখ = ৩০/০৮/২২
FLAT SALE NEAR LALMATIA in west Dhakacity.
2 Flat near Sat masjid road. beside Confidence Tower & Al Manar Hospital
Type: ongoing project = 85% Compl eted
size: 610 sft & 1220 sft in 5th Floor. 6,555 taka per sft by Cash
৬ তলার ২ টি ফ্ল্যাট ৩০ লাখ করে ৭ দিনের অফার এটা, ফিক্সড প্রাইজ। ৫০০০ টাকা প্রতি বর্গ ফুটের নতুন ফ্ল্যাট। ৭৫% বায়না ২৫% ৬ মাসে দিলে রেজিষ্ট্রেশন ও হস্তান্তর।
Phone: 02223326417, 01752078091, 01752078093, 01752078094

Type: ongoing project = 75% Completed

Type: Ongoing project = 85% Completed

size: 610 ft & 1220 ft. 5,500 taka per sft by Cash

Phone: 02223326417, 01752078091, 01975030501, 01752078094, 01752078099

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Flat sale near Lalmatia in Dhaka city.

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All the flats consist of

# Two bedrooms.

# Two Toilets.

# Dining, Living area.

# Kitchen and Veranda.


# (RAK/Fu Wang/ETC). Standard fittings and fixtures.

# Glazed tiles in bathrooms up to 5 feets height (RAK/Fu Wang/ETC).

# All bathrooms with homogeneous floor tiles (RAK/Fu Wang/ETC).

# Standard size mirrors in bathrooms with overhead lamps.

# Distemper paint on walls and ceiling to prevent dirt and dampness.

# Cabinet basin in Master bath with Tile (RAK/Fu Wang/ETC) top.

# Inner side laminated waterproof flush door/plastic door.

# Concealed hot and cold water lines in master (RAK/Fu Wang/CBC) bathroom.

# Tiles in floor and walls (RAK/Fu Wang/ETC) of maid’s bathroom with long pan, low down and shower.

# Nicely arranged bathroom fittings and fixtures.

# Essentially correct uniform floor sloped toward the water outlet.




# Tiles in the floor (RAK/Fu Wang/CBC/ ETC).

# Tiles in the maid’s room (RAK/Fu Wang/CBC/ETC).

# Tiles in stair and lobby (RAK/Fu   Wang/CBC/ETC).



# Foreign electrical switches, circuit breakers, plug points other fittings (MK Type).

# Light fixture in stair and lobby (Swash/Crescent).

# Independent electric meter in each apartment.

# Electrical distribution box with Main Switch.

# Concealed electrical wiring (BRB/Paradise/Estran Cables).

# All power outlets with earthing connection.

# Provision for an air conditioner in the master bedroom.

# Emergency point in each apartment.

# Emergency power in the lobby, intercom service, common spaces like car parking, reception area, security room, and main gate.

# Concealed fan hook.

Doors and Windows

# Solid teak decorative Main entrance door with Door chain, Check viewer, solid brass door Knocker, Apartment no. in brass plate, doors handle with a security lock.

# Doors in bedrooms with good quality locks.

# Sliding windows with 5 mm tinted glass with mohair lining and rainwater barrier in Aluminum section.

# Internal doors are of strong and durable Chapalish flush door with French polish.

#  All internal doorframes are of  Shill Karai / Chickrashi as per seasonal availability.

# Safety grills with matching color Enamel paint (Berger/Paramix) and Aluminum section.


# All interior walls are also plastered 5“


# Walls separating apartments are 5“ brickworks.



# Homogeneous floor tiles (RAK/Fu   Wang/CBC).

# Concrete shelf at 2.5 feet height from floor level with tile worktop (RAK/Fu   Wang/CBC).

# A 5 feets band of wall tiles (RAK/Fu   Wang/CBC) running on the wall along with the sink and gas cooker.

# Arranged for Suitably located exhaust fan.

# One high polished stainless countertop with single bowl steel sink with the mixture.

# Provision for double burner gas outlet.


Painting & Polishing

# Super paint on outside walls (/Barzer/Elite/Paramix).

# Smooth finished and soft-colored Plastic paint on internal walls and ceilings (Berger/ Elite/Paramix).

# Enamel paints on the ceiling color-matched with Bathroom tiles (/Barzer/Elite/Paramix).

# Verandah railing as per the design of perspective.

Utility lines (Water & Gas)

# One best quality water pump, (Pedrollo/Saer-Italy/etc).

# Water reservoir designed to hold two days of water supply with an additional half-day in the rooftop GAJI tank.


Salient Features


Building Entrance

An impressive entrance gate with “WALI’S ANJUMAN VILLA’-– a Wali Muhammad Foundation Ltd creation’’ logo welcomes one to this contemporary apartment complex. The heavy secured gateway leads to a spacious covered parking floor.

Reception lobby

An elegantly designed main reception lobby decorated with granite tiles, personalized mailboxes and a stylish reception counter for visitor’s check-in.


The staircase is located and easily accessible with easy to climb stairs.

General Amenities 

# Heavy secured gateway with decorative lamps and brass plate logo of the complex “WALI’S ANJUMAN VILLA’- a wmfl creation.’’

# Spacious entrance and driveway with 24 hours security arrangement to control of incoming and outgoing persons, vehicles, goods, etc.

# Main lobby and Reception area are secured premises with an impressive Concierge desk completed with personal mailboxes, Register docks, etc.

# Tastefully furnished visitors waiting area.

# Staircase with easy to climb steps and adequate lighting.

# Fire protection kits conforming to the International Fire Code.

# Protective parapet wall in the rooftop.

# Separate area in rooftop with individual clotheslines for drying laundry.

# Telephone connection points in the master and living area.

# Elaborate Intercom system to connect each apartment to the concierge desk.


Apartment foyer

 An elegant entrance door opens to a stylish foyer, which is designed to maintain the privacy of unknown guests.

Optional features

Various interior designing and additional fittings and fixtures as per the choice of allottee may be arranged at a cost basis upon approval of WMFL.

Structural & General Engineering


# Structural design parameters based on American Concrete Institute (ACI) and

   American Standards of  Testing Materials (ASTM) codes.

# Termite treatment in Ground floor surrounding the Building.

# Heavy Reinforced Cement Concrete Foundation.

# Systematic Structural combination of steel Reinforced concrete frame shear wall Core.

# Reinforced cement concrete floor slabs.

# Comprehensive Section by Section checking and Testing of all Steel reinforcement by professional Design and Structure Engineers.

# Structure capable of withstanding earthquakes measuring up to 7.0 on the Richter scale.

# Major Structural Materials :

– Stone : Standard Stones: Good quality  Stones from Sylhet. Stones used for foundation grad-Veem.
– Cement : Holcim cement / Cemex Cement / King brand cement etc
– Steel : Manufactured by Rahim Steel Mills Ltd. / Eastern Steel Mills Ltd. / Bashundhara Steel Mills Ltd etc.
– Chips : 1st class brick Chips are used for piler, veem,& every floor.
– Bricks : Standard Bricks: Good quality 1st class bricks
Coarse Sand : Sylhet, Coarse Sand.

# All Structural Materials including Steel, Cement, Bricks, Sylhet Sand and other aggregates etc. of the highest standard and screened for quality including Laboratory Testing.

# Direct supervision at every stage of construction by a team of experienced and qualified Civil Engineers to ensure highest quality workmanship.

# Systematic Testing of concrete and other completed work samples at every stage from quality control laboratories.

N.B.: In case of non-availability of the materials mentioned in the proposal equivalent materials in terms of quality and price available in the market will be used and WMFL reserves the sole discretion to determine the standard of fittings and fixtures.  

Terms and Conditions


Application: Interested client(s) will submit application in a prescribed form supplied by the company duly signed by the investor(s) along with Booking Money and other necessary documents. The company has the right to accept or reject any application without assigning any reason whatsoever. An investor willing to pay a one-time payment or a huge amount in one shot will be given preference.

Allotment: Allotment will be made on a first-come-first-served basis. Upon acceptance of Application, Booking Money, Down Payment, and other necessary papers, WMFL will issue an allotment letter in favor of the applicant. This will include the payment mode, which the investor should follow on receiving the allotment letter. The investor is not entitled to transfer the apartment to the third party until the apartment handed over to them.

Payment : All payment should be made by A/C payee cheque or Bank Draft or Pay-order or Cash in favor of “Wali Muhammad

Foundetion Ltd.’’. Investor(s) residing abroad may remit payments by TT or DD.

WMFL expects the investor strictly adhere the payment schedule settled earlier. This must be mentioned here that timely completion of the project is entirely depended upon the timely payment of the investor(s). The investor is liable to pay a delay charge of 5% per month on the defaulted amount. If the payment is delayed beyond 2 (two) months, WMFL has the right to cancel the allotment. In case of cancellation of allotment or surrender of apartment, due refund will be made after deducting the Booking money and realizing the refund amount from the new investor.

WMFL’s Right : The Company has the right to accept or reject any application for allotment. It also reserves the right to make changes in both Architectural and Structural design of the project if necessary. Limited change can be made in specifications for overall interest of the Project.

Utility Connection: Utility Construction cost, fitting cost, Connection cost, Connection fee & security deposit for water, gas, electricity and incidental costs are not included in the apartment price. The utility Connection fee is 1,25,000/- TK only. WMFL makes this payment directly to the concerned authorities and the investor shall reimburse the amount on an actual basis to WMFL.

Transfer of ownership: Proportionate share of indivisible land, as well as apartment, will be registered in favor of each investor as per the current rules and regulations.

Transfer cost: All costs related to transferring of ownership like stamp duty, registration fee, VAT, Govt. Tax, documentation charges, incidental expenses will be borne by the investor on an actual basis.

Owner’s Association: The investor must undertake to become a member of the Owner’s Association, which will be formed by the owners of the apartments with the view to maintaining the general affairs of the complex for a common interest. Each apartment owner must initially deposit Tk. 10,000/- to the reserve fund.

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