Cinnamon (Daruchini) 50 gm

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1. Benefits of Cinnamon as Anti Tumor effect

There is evident of cinnamon as an anti tumor. There many studies and books that give us the research information.

Some tumor leads to cancer. The anti tumor effect of cinnamon extract helps us to prevent the cancer what comes from several types of cancer cell.

2. Anti Inflammatory Benefits of cinnamon

The cinnamadehyde (CM) is a major active element of cinnamon. A clinical study aimed to evaluate the anti-inflammatory effect of cinnamon on Helicobacter (H). The result was miraculous.

3. Benefits of Cinnamon for Diabetes

Cinnamon is already proved that it is a great herb for reducing blood sugar level. Several authors, scientists, herbalists, organizations have harmonized on this topic.

This is an amazing matter that cinnamon has been proved as an organic medicine of diabetes.

4. Benefits of Cinnamon for Diarrhea

Cinnamon is a well herb for protecting diarrhea. It has been used in Asia, America and Europe to cure both diarrhea and dysentery. In all sort of clinical study the patient was primarily suffered in diarrhea which is cured by cinnamon.


5. Benefits of Cinnamon for Obesity

Weight loss and obesity has become a buzzword in the modern world. The people who have over weight all dream and practice of weight loss.

That is because the obesity is a reason for disease like diabetes, high blood pressure and cancer. So these types of people are starving day by day in the name of dieting.Thus, they loss their body energy and become weak day to day.

6. Benefits of Cinnamon for blood pressure

The presence of blood thinning compounds in the cinnamon help the body to enhance the power of smooth blood circulation.

So good blood circulation provides us with more supply of oxygen towards the body cells. This ultimately results in more metabolic activity. As a result the possibility of heart attack decreases.

7. Benefits of Cinnamon for Cancer

Many research is still under process to find out the anticancer quality of cinnamon. The primary results give us a perception that it is going to be the efficient cancer fighting element. Cinnamon has the anti-bacterial properties.



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