Introduction: We know that balanced diet is necessary for nourishment and regular and proper growth of our body. Balanced foods contain 6 components. Such as: (1) protein or protein, (2) carbohydrate or starch, (3) affection or oiled food, (4) vitamins, (5) minerals salt and (6) water Protein, stomach and fats are essential for the growth and development of our body and they increase our body strength. But in order to prevent body corrosion, body corrosion or deficiency, to reduce the reluctance of taking food every day, and to keep body healthy and vivacious, we need some minerals, salt and vitamin and diet.
And these vitamins and mineral salts can easily be absorbed by various fruits, vegetables and various perfume spices. The market is available in the form of various mineral salts and Vitamin medicines in the form of medicines. However, it is desirable to take these vitamins and mineral salts very cheaply at cheap prices by accepting our native fruits and vegetables. Because the nutrition and benefits of the body are more available if the vegetables and fruits are taken directly.

History: Let’s first talk about the mineral salts. A mineral salt is the most known and important in calcium. Calcium strengthens our bones and teeth structure, strengthens and warms against arthritis, arthritis. Phosphorus work is also similar. Farmer’s brothers, those who have used phosphorus fertilizer TSP to increase the root cause of the crop and increase the plant strength, also know that phosphorus gives similar effectiveness to increase the body’s stamina. The difference is only through different fruits and vegetables

Conclusion: Vegetables are the main means of keeping our body healthy. So everyone should eat vegetables regularly.

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Showing 1–60 of 69 results

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