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About us the emergence of Wali Bazaar.com & others Projects:

The main basic needs of all the people in all countries are 3 – food, clothes, and housing by the ABOUT US. And the people of the country who are getting the help of these people, are being cheated by the shops and firewall. Because of not knowing the right price, the customer has to pay more for the purchase of the product. Also, it is difficult to find the product of the demand. For some, Besides, the fear of getting adulterated goods cannot be thrown away. In addition to meeting our basic needs, WaliBazar.Com is one step ahead by providing the product free of cost within 1 hour of each home. ABOUT US, I wish you all your prayers and support.

Our Trustteble or foundation work was going to 20 years, WALI MUHAMMAD GROUP has a company name: WALI MUHAMMAD FOUNDATION LIMITED. IT has six projects. Please see That for you or your friends.

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