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How to grow Online E-commerce Business in Bangladesh

How to grow Online E-commerce Business in Bangladesh

Low-cost Big sale

1.Viral marketing for Online E-commerce :

  1. a) which public more share
  2. b) Name change- Uncommon Name
  3. c) shock to the public for viral


2.Presume Marketing for Online E-commerce :How to grow Online E-commerce Business in Bangladesh

  1. a) product unusual display which public attention more & More
  2. b) who no-show – he shares on FB
  3. c) Mind attractive showing your that product & go to Viral.


3.Experiential Marketing for Online E-commerce :

  1. a) Find Targeted Customer & free gift their so that he forget me not.
  2. b) free for some Targeted Customer.

4.Wild Posting for Online E-commerce :

  1. a) Graphics
  2. b) Visuals
  3. c) Images
  4. d) Print Ads

public feeling shock & after they post on social media, & your product are viral.

5.Ambient Marketing for Online E-commerce :

  1. a) online or offline ad showing in there, where more targeted customer presents.


6.Grassroot Marketing for Online E-commerce :

Showing my product with a Viral Man/politics/game/brand/etc

  1. Geography
  2. Ethnography
  3. Demography
  4. Psychography


  1. Rub-Off Effect for Online E-commerce :

Viral add/poet/song/dialog is changing Duplicate by my product/brand ad.


Online E-commerce 10 Ideas link

1. Key Strengths of Market Plase

2. Look For the level and Quaily of your competitor.             Look his

1) strength? 2) Quality? 3) Level?               Behavior of Competitor

1) Pricing 2)Product Rang 3) Policies 4) Shipment 5) Discounts

3. Presentation & Catalogue Catches The EyeBall Attention

  • Product upload like live view.
  • Full information on Products.

4) Merchant Support Service

1) Study what is say my Marchent or customer & not Solve him only. Also, Solve my Service System more Upgrade.


5) Margins, Fee & ROI

  1. Marjins ?

2) Fee a) Return b) Cancellation Policies c) Product Unailable

  1. ROI – a) Visibility b) Sales


6) Shipping Charge & Mechanism,

1) Home delivery by my delivery man or dealers, 2) wholesale to reseller but return charge flip cart earn 10%, what do we do?


7) System Access & Control

  1. Maximum& minimum Number of listing control.
  2. Restriction On Selling in Specific Region.
  3. Access Provided to Customer Data.

8) Payment Mechanism

The product is selling full not waste any product. So that buy some which sale in 1-7 days. If online advance pay any customer & return product by 10% cut & Refund to the customer from 7 to 30 days.

9) Return & Refunds

  1. a) Fake order b) Defective product delivery which is rules for this? c) if any customer Goods Return back 25% cut his money & after used product no return but affected goods can return by cutting 10%.


10) Dispute Relation Process

It is a deed with B2B & B2C Business about every order place by click on Terms & Condition.

written by Wali Muhammad

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