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Trick and tips about Home Appliance

Trick and tips about Home Appliance

Trick and tips about Home Appliance in Bangladesh

Introduction: Home appliances are one of the family’s needs. On the one hand, the market increases the demand for plastic products day by day, and on the other hand, bamboo and cane-made cottage industry craftsmen are suffering very badly due to the increase in the prices of essential capital, proper training, and materials. Due to the evolution of science and the evolution of science, many of the necessary bamboo and cane-made handicrafts are used in everyday life. Cottage industry needs demand Biboran: The price of bamboo and cane is increasing day by day, due to the increase of education from the original man, this handicraft is now heavily burdened by artisans. The family of 5 hundred artisans who is involved in bamboo and cane industries is now living in the worst days. For a long time, these craftsmen are dependent on bamboo and cane industries and their livelihood. They are currently facing many problems.Trick and tips about Home Appliance

History: Because of the lack of necessary capital, proper training, and low wages, the decline in the interest of this industry is gradually being abolished from different villages of the coastal region, various types of handicrafts made from ancient and traditional bamboo and cane. Hundreds of workers involved in this industry are living in unemployment today. Artisans of this industry are associated with this art of genetics. Once upon a time artisans of this industry had a golden day Various handicrafts made of bamboo and cane decorations in every village of Bengal. But now these villages of Bengal do not look like they are in the past. But at one time it was also hard to imagine the Bengali village Bengali without bamboo and cane made things. Where there are residences, bamboo and care products. But today it is eroding our culture and heritage. Poetry and Story Written by Poet Literature in this village of Bengal’s cottage industry. Baul sings the song Earlier, there were all kinds of tools made from bamboo and cane at almost every village in the village. The means of livelihood and the bamboo and cane At one time the bamboo cultivation of Lakshmipur district was widely cultivated. Bamboo orchards grew in little care and free of cost. And the rattan was born on the pond. But today the evolution of the bamboo and rattan are going to be destroyed. Still, the cottage industry artisans do not stop there. Men and women are busy working on household appliances every day. According to BSCIC industrial city sources, Lakhimpur Sadar Upazila, Char Lampi of Charuhita union, West Laksmipur of Dalal Bazar union, Town of Kasarpur of Tewariganj, Babupur of Bangka union, and 10 villages of Raipur upazila, more than 500 women and men, households and livelihoods Is doing These artisans have been involved in the bamboo industry for 50 years. Conclusion: The people of kumla, chaiti, poultry cage, sage, lid, sieve, tail, cage, wrap, chair, table, swing, ditch, fan, bookkeeping, rack, stool, basket etc are made by their hands with bamboo and cane. The necessary cottage industries were exported to the demand of the prisoners in different districts of the country.

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