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Online store in Dhaka

Online store in Dhaka

Online store in Dhaka

A department store is basically a retail establishment which  offers a wide range of consumer goods in different areas of the store, each area of the store specializing in different product categories. In modern big and huge cities of the world , the department store made a dramatic appearance in the middle of the 19th century. Stores  permanently reshaped shopping habits, and it also affected the definition of service and luxury.

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At present , department stores  offer many kinds of products such as: clothing, furniture, home appliances, toys, cosmetics, houseware, gardening, toiletries, sporting goods, gym equipments, paint, and hardware, food, books, jewelry, electronics, stationery, photographic equipment, baby products, and products for pets and many other types of products. Customers look for discounts too at stores and generally these are hanged in front of the store to attract them. Stores can run independently on their own or they can have retailers too.

But after all these stores are in heavy pressure nowadays because of discounters and as everything is becoming digitalized and shopping is also included in this list, the offline shopping is getting lesser response day by day.

Jusr like every other big cities Dhaka is also included in the list of e-commerce shopping place and many people depend on their store shopping from online. So online store is Dhaka is a very important topic. Today we are going to discuss about online store in Dhaka.

There are a lot of online stores in Dhaka for your daily and necessary products which you need for various purposes. Online stores are available for a pretty long time now and the products range has significantly been increased over time but people weren’t aware of it much back then. But now people almost depend on online stores in Dhaka which is a good sign of modernization and digitalisation. There are a lot of online store in Dhaka providing a wide variety of products and services to the customers.

Online store in Dhaka –

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Daraz is one of the most popular and biggest online store in Dhaka which provides all kinds of products from different sellers and there are multiple options for payment. It also offers  products from China. Daraz offers picking your products from their delivery hub nearest to your areas at your desired time. Though it is the biggest site, there are a lot of fraud, dishonest sellers on this website and false pricing is a common problem  here.

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Evaly is pretty new online store in Dhaka but it has already reached at a high peak because of the huge insane cashback offers and discounts. It is growing rapidly and it maybe actually ruin the balance of e-commerce logistics. But, when a company gets this big in a short amount of time there must be a lot of problems and yes, you are right. late deliveries, often changing rules , worst customer care service are huge problems here. But, these are not stopping this online store in Dhaka.

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Walibazar is one of the top online stores in Dhaka with positive reviews and faster delivery service with honest  pricing on groceries. Wali bazar also offers home appliances, beauty and health products, books, Islamic items, properties etc.

Walibazar is one of the best online store in Dhaka for grocery items. You can also buy apartments, places and rent home too.

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Pickaboo is a marketplace focused on electronic devices and technology based items such as mobile phones, Television , Air conditioner , microwave or electric oven etc and their delivery service is wicked fast in Dhaka. Tough they have small range of products, they provide excellent service.

Top 20 online Online shopping in Bangladesh.

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Bagdoom is solely focused on the youth lifestyle. You can find clothings, accessories, grooming items, jewellery, footwear, cosmetics, home appliances and items made out of jute which is a great thing, because it featured a native element.


Sheba actually offers home services such as cleaning, repairing, plumbing, house shifting, car rental and these service providers are verified by the company so, no reason to not take these wonderful services with your desired  time scheduling.

Walibazar is the Best Online Shopping Bangladesh

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Chaldal is an grocery online store in dhaka  which offers fast delivery service throughout Dhaka city. They often offers exciting discount prices.

  1. DeliveryHobe – DeliveryHobe is also a very new online store in Dhaka. They deliver all over Dhaka within 1 hour which is a great amazing service. Their customer service is very good and their advertisements are really interesting. You can also request unavailable products from this online store in Dhaka.Online store in Dhaka


There are a lot of online stores in dhaka. My personal favorite is Walibazar for Grocery shopping. You can also add your store to their website now which is an excellent offer to expand your business. Contact them if you want to add your store to their website. Online store in Dhaka is getting increasingly popular day by day and its really hard to know where to Shop from, that’s where articles like these come in handy. Now we are Going through a horrible  pandemic and I personally think that shopping from online is safer than buying goods physically going out. Besides many delivery services provide no contact delivery for extra safety. So, people should try online shopping. Corona infected patients are increasing day by day and their number is getting huge. We should try to stay at home as much as possible and be sure to maintain the safety measures and abide by to the rules of hygiene to not get infected by the virus. So, because of this lock down we should shop from online stores to reduce the chances of getting infected. But also, after receiving products, those need to be disinfected perfectly in order to make sure those do not contain the virus and then people can consume their products without any further problems of getting infected with the virus which should be avoided at all costs.


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