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Bangladesh Youtube ( ইউটিউব )

Bangladesh Youtube ( ইউটিউব )

YouTube is a social media sharing site. We all know the answer to a question in YouTube. When YouTube started its journey in 2005, it could have been enough to define a sentence. Now YouTube has become a huge archive of videos, video clips, movies, songs, documentaries and more. Since being part of Gugol, it is possible to earn money from this blog by showing Ed through Hosted Adsense. Instead of creating unique and well-quality content, a class of new Utibartes of Bangladesh is circulating in money and in some way, obscene, deceptive and copyrighted content is mixed with its content. in Bangladesh Youtube.

Bangladesh Youtube.You know what it is. Now let’s see what can be done through YouTube. in Bangladesh Youtube.

1. You can upload 15 minutes of video by opening an account. You can upload more than 20GB video files by verifying them. For this, you can easily verify with a mobile number.

2. YouTube also offers the facility of video editing. You can also use YouTube as a free online video editor. Create new videos online with Youtube Video Creator There are also free music libraries in Bangladesh Youtube.

3. You can determine who will show the video and who you do not show. If you want your video link to be seen only, others will not see it. Then it can also be done. Rabitholebd Probably looks like cricket game lives this way. There are many YouTube users who search for an adult video on YouTube. Yes, there are adult videos and youtube but age restricted, this type of video will not be seen if you are not logged in. Keep this in mind when uploading.

4. You can add subtitles to a video. Youtube subtitles are more useful than any other subtitle – Google Translator can read any language. If you create a video that will be useful to anyone in the world, try the video in Bangla but its English subtitles are included.

5. Now the YouTube channel has become an alternative to television channels. Professional video makers can apply verified sign to the youtube channel. Generally, these symbols are easily associated with 100k subscribers and may be low in Bangladesh Youtube.

6. You can get Silver Play button at 100K subscribers. Besides, there are golden, diamond, ruby buttons that nobody in Bangladesh has ever dreamed about.

7. You can monetize videos that have more than 10,000 views in video channels. And on the YouTube Multi-Channel Network, we have to meet those same requirements in Bangladesh Youtube.

Because of YouTube today we can see good and bad things in the country. Only one thing can be seen by us in our need. in Bangladesh Youtube.

As YouTube has come to our advantage, it has caused much harm to our society. Today, youth youths are pushing their lives to see the evil work done on YouTube, threatening them. in Bangladesh Youtube.

Finally, I want to say that everything has a different reaction in Bangladesh Youtube.

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