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Fish feed of Bangladesh

Fish feed of Bangladesh

Fish feed of Bangladesh

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Feeding of fish throughout culture aims at manufacturing the most weight of marketable fish at intervals the shortest time a minimum of price. The feed ought to provide the energy for movement and every one alternative activity the fish engages in.

It ought to conjointly offer nutrients for body maintenance, growth, and reproduction. The nutrients required by fish embody carbohydrates, fats, protein, vitamins, and minerals. Alternative elements of feed are fiber and moisture. A fish diet should contain all the nutrients within the right proportions to create growth.


Fish in culture is maintained only on natural foods in a very pool, or on artificial (formulated) feedstuffs or a mix of the two.

The natural foods in a very fish pool embody primarily phytoplankton, and conjointly zooplankton, detritus, insect larvae, etc.

The abundance of phytoplankton in a very fish pool is shown by the extent of the greenness of the pool water. the suitable greenness of the water is determined by the utilization of a Secchi disc.

The growth of phytoplankton in pool water is increased by fertilization of the water, exploitation inorganic or organic fertilizers. the foremost ordinarily used organic fertilizers are stool of stock like poultry, pigs and cattle, and compost.

If the natural food in a very pool is deficient in amount or lacks bound nutrients necessary for adequate growth, leaves of legumes and agricultural by-products like rice bran, wheat bran, groundnut peels, groundnut cake, etc is used as supplementary feeds.

Formulated feeds are used as supplementary feeds or as a sole supply of nutrients for a fish in a very pool.


Formulated or combined feeds are also given to fish within the dry, dampish or wet kind.

Dried combined feeds are bestowed to fish as powder, pellets, or crumbles. Pellets are hottest and their form and size would rely on the age of the fish.

Floating Pellets are fascinating for fish that feed on the surface layers of water (e.g. Tilapia), whereas sinking pellets are smart for fish that feed on very cheap (e.g. Clarias sp).


Formulated feed for fish genus ought to contain between twenty seventh and forty Argyrol.

For fry and fingerlings, the feed ought to have tiny particles and a macromolecule content concerning 35%- four-hundredth, whereas for adults the macromolecule content can be between twenty seventh and half-hour.

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