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How to Write a Content for a Blog or Website?

How to Write a Content for a Blog or Website?

How to Write a Content for a Blog or Website?

How to Write a Content?

There are some rules for writing content, which not everyone knows, give a summary of the content in the 1st paragraph. Which is called introduction.  How to Write a Content? See That…..

1) Give the address and link of the location or where it is found 2/3.

2) Give the qualities or benefits

3) Give the details

4) Give the subject matter.

5) Give poems or dialogues in the description.

6) It is better to give the feature or the way of china with the picture.

7) Give the matter for what reason or for whom it is harmful.

8) The subject will be blocked by Google search with good information ID, add to it.

9) Do a search on Wikipedia and write the information yourself and give a sussing link.

10) What is the relationship of Wali Bazar with the subject? What are the products, give its category or 3/4 product link.

11) How much is the matter and what? Give details with his example.

12) In conclusion, why buy the product in the market related to the subject? Give his details and link. At the end, give the link of Facebook page, YouTube channel, Twitter and Instagram ID and e-mail and phone number. Give some advice to all the readers. 13) Remember, type in your own simple language, do not copy or look at the book. And write the name of the subject of each essay 10 times and 5 times and write the composition of 1000+ words in a sentence.

The same rule is not necessary for every article, but write wisely so that it is the newest and best of all Google blogs. Payment is not a big deal. People all over the world will benefit from reading and finding information and software. This is a great and virtuous deed, do it with this intention. –

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