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Breakfast Breakfast: Many of us know the most important meal of the day is the morning meal. Actually, every meal is equally important. In the words, you eat exactly what you eat. Depending on eating, the body is full of sugar and sugar, the body is well-formed. The only morning meal will help you to gain strength and will satisfy the hunger. Even though some people are not usually hungry in the morning. There is a physiological process to eat food in the morning, which regulates your blood sugar levels. So let’s not know what foods should be avoided in the morning. Description: The purpose of eating breakfast is to fast between midnight meal and midday meal, Bhangaon. What if we do not have breakfast? Our body will go into a long-term fasting and the body will start to believe that we are not being able to eat it fast. When we take lunch, our body will store fat in the body for future fuel. As a result, weight increases. Through morning breakfast, we supply our body energy all day. In a recent study, students who eat breakfast regularly, they make good results in school. Breakfast helps to keep body and mind fresh. Those who go out in the morning to work day by day, their productivity, excellence, problem solving skills and mental stability are high. Not only those who have a habit of breakfast, they also have a healthy diet. Those who have left breakfast, they do not have enough fruits and vegetables in their diet list. They lack calcium and various minerals in their diet. These people accept lots of sweet, fatty foods and soft drinks as snacks. If diabetes patients talk to them, breakfast is more important for them. Those who have insulin, if they are excluding breakfast, increase the risk of decreasing glucose or ‘Hypo’ in their body. Choosing the Right Food If someone consumes more food than needs in the morning breakfast, their calorie intake will be high throughout the day. In order to control the patient’s weight and blood glucose levels in diabetes, it is important to choose the proper diet and type of food in the morning breakfast. If there is 7-10 grams of frozen food in the morning breakfast. Therefore, you can eat 2/3 thin flour bread, an egg (powdered or low oil), some greens and any other type of fruit as per your calories. If you do not like to eat ata bread every day, you can eat flour or rice cooked bread or bread occasionally. Conclusion: In the morning breakfast, good and balanced food. In the morning breakfast, fast food foods, chocolate, ice cream, more sugar, which should increase the amount of fat on your body multiply, should be excluded. To be rather healthy, choose balanced food in the morning breakfast, be healthy.

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