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Introduction: It is a difficult task for adults to choose toys for children. It is also complicated to understand which toy your child likes. If you can choose toys according to the age of the child, the best. Because they should not play with toys of adults than the age.

Description: If your child is one year old, you can give him a bright color toy. Children of this age should not be given yarn or cloth toys. Due to the inevitability of the accident due to unnecessary collisions while playing.
When a child has two feet, he can provide colorful and strong books. As well as foam or plastic toys can be given. Apart from this, it is better to give music to kids of this age. Listen to music and learn its response. When the child reaches the age of three, drawing drawings and big pencils to draw. It can also be dragged with toy cars.

When the child’s age ranges from four to five, the building box and the clay modeling kit are very good for the sport. It will give your child the creative thought fuel, as well as board games, puzzles, but his time will also be spent. And if it’s good to have children’s content for football and cricket, then it’s a lot better.

When the child reaches his age, he can offer video games, bicycles, and more toys.

When the child is twelve, you can give him a hobby-related item, which he can spend on special occasions. At this time, he can give him many toys of his choice along with Binocular. Besides, you can also give your child the book of adventure books easily. In it, the habit of reading books will be developed. Above all, one thing is to be kept in mind that your child will never give any kind of burns, it is likely to cause accidents.

Choosing toys: Exclude toys that can easily fire children’s toys. Avoid battery-powered toys now The sound produced from battery operated toys can have deep and lasting effects on the baby’s brain. This can lead to a large unknowable loss. It may also be that the child is just like toys; But does not like sound emitted from toys. Especially choose toys for children that children can play fun, such as building materials made of toys, kitchen sets or anything like that. Attention to pick up learning toys for the baby. Keep in mind that the child learns the game with the game and it manages the brain of the child for many days. So special attention to picking toys. Do not forget that the toy is not just toys.
You can ignore the differences between children by choosing toys. If a child is playing a Barbie set or a kitchen set or a baby girl is having fun with the truck car toy; What is the damage! It is better to do nothing against the child’s mind. Children with very much movement can give them their physical work habits. Prevent children from buying extra toys. If there are many toys, the children suffer from decisiveness, which makes them bothered. So it should be cautious about this.

For the child: What can be imagined without a childhood? Children are happy to hear about the play. There are many types of toys available in the market now according to the age of children. Among them, the demand for toy sets in the Bahari bag is the highest. There are diversities in the toys of new bags. For those who love superman, there is a variety of bags Superman. There are also cars, jeeps, helicopters, and many other vehicles for carpagal children. There is a bag pistol in the fighting game. For some older children, there are some creative toys. Such as architecture sets, different types of puzzles, etc. For girls, there are some fun toys including Barbie set, kitchen set, make-up toy, ducks house and more. There are many educational toys for young people. For example, a box-colored alphabet, various animal-birds, or small toys made of clothes
Where to find: – You will find Bashundhara City, Sunrise Plaza, Rapa Plaza, Kids and Mom-Banani, City Heart Paltan, New Market, Elephant Roads, and small-scale toys shop.

Conclusion: – The toy is not just toys
Imagine a childhood without toys? Never Toys and childhood supplement to each other. Every child’s toys are crazy. Many such children are seen, who do not sleep without toys, do not eat, and even do not sit! So the toy is an integral part of childhood. However, parents should think that they should buy children’s toys, then buy children’s toys. Remember that any toy that can be given to a child who does not have any harmful attitude.

Various types of toys are available for the children now in the market. Different market toys can be found in the Bahari packet admission set. Their demand is more in the market. Among the diverse toys is the Supermodel Kit. There are many types of toy cars available for kids who like toys, and there are many types of toy cars on the market, including zip-helicopter-deuttala buses. These types of toys vary according to the age of the child. You need to be careful while buying it.
For failing children, there are fitting pistol bag toys. There is also a variety of learning toys for the baby. by Md.Saddam Hossain

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