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Dairy Food


Dairy Food

Role: All food items made with milk products including confectionery (Dairy Food). Long ago, milk products were traditionally playing important role in the food of the people of Bangladesh.

History: Notable dairy products are cream, cream, curd, chana, butter, ghee, cheese etc. The amount of fats in the creme is not less than 18 percent, usually between 18 and 80 percent. Locally known as Sar, Malai. The cream is widely used in making butter, ghee and ice cream. Description: Sugar made from yogurt can be made from natural milk or milk. It is possible to make yogurt suitable for any fermented molecule produced purely. A small quantity of pre-prepared curd is added to milk and curd can be made. Yogurt can be sweet or can be dried with fruit juice. Purely produced Streptococcus thermophilus and Lactobacillus species are used to produce high quality curd. Yogurt made in Bogra is particularly popular.

Benefits: Usually the nutrients based on the Dairy Food depend on other ingredients used in milk and preparation. Cheese is made from concentrated milk. Small pieces are made to separate water from the concentrated parts of milk. The concentrated milk is dried, the salt is mixed, then pressure is applied to the final form of the paneer. Based on the technique and taste, various names of Panir are given. Kishoreganj district’s octagon is known for its quality and taste. The chana is made by separating the skin with boiling milk (entrained milk fat) by mixing adequate talk, boiling water, lemon juice or citric acid solution in boiling milk. As a main ingredient, Channa can be made from various types of sweet, such as rosgolla, sandesh, carchandola, chancham, manda, rasmalai, chhnamukhi etc. Natore’s Kancharkola, Tangail’s Chancham and Rasmalai of Comilla, Muktagachara Manda, Chanmukhi of Brahmanbaria are famous sweet.

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