Miniket Rice Premium (High quality)

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♦ Name – Miniket Rice.

♦ Type- Premium.

♦ Quality – High quality.

♦ Don’t Insects, dead rice, stones, dust Here.

♦ The amount of calcium in the rice pudding of Miniket rises by 391.94 percent.

♦ Iron content increases by 11.66 percent.

♦ The Gazan process produces phytic acid, lactic acid, and beneficial bacteria.

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Miniket Rice Premium (High quality)

Miniket Rice Premium (High quality) is a breakthrough invention. The blood sugar and sugar in the blood reduced. As a result, diabetes controls a lot. The most important rice is red rice. There is nothing to say about white rice, all rice is red. However, when making rice from rice in the machine, the red part of the rice is cut off white and greased. The number of diabetic patients is increasing in Bangladesh. This special rice prepared from HKG Agro reduces carbohydrates and sugar. As a result, diabetes is under control. Just as the difference in rice varies with the taste of the rice, so does the nutritional difference. However, bhakta is more nutritious than ordinary rice made from four varieties of rice. The figure was found recently in a study conducted by the Bangladesh Agricultural Research Council. The study was conducted on BR 25, Pari, Miniket (common name in the market) and Aman (pajama rice). 

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