ACI Jumbo Black Fighter 12 Hour Tornedo Mosquito Coil 10pcs

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ACI Jumbo Black Fighter 12 Hour Tornedo Mosquito Coil


ACI Mosquito Coil is the market leader in the Mosquito Coil segment. ACI mosquito coils are made using latest globally available active ingredients (like Metafluthrin & D-Allethrin from Sumitomo Corporation of Japan) to ensure the best possible solution from mosquito infestation. The usage of Active Ingredients are also done in compliance with local regulatory standards and that set by WHO. None of our Coils have any harmful ingredients like DDT or Endrin. ACI Mosquito Coil has its presence in all categories of Mosquito Coil available in the market (e.g. Red, Black, Plant Fiber, etc.).

Operations & Market Presence

ACI Mosquito coils have vast availability across all retail platform, ranging from Tea Stalls to Super Stores. ACI Mosquito Coil has different brands based on different shape, color, fragrance and price range. The existing brands of ACI Mosquito Coil.

One of the most common problems people face in Bangladesh is that of mosquito infestation and mosquito borne diseases (like Malaria, Dengue etc.). ACI came up with effective solutions to this problem and offered a range of mosquito repellant Coil in the year 2000 which quickly gained huge popularity amongst consumers and took ACI Mosquito Coil as being the market leader in a short period of time.


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