Bread is our daily companion. But often the bread is not eaten at the door of the shop. So today, take a look at the perfect recipe for making bread in the kitchen of Bahari.

Materials :
• 3 cups of flour
• Sugar: 1 tbsp
• powdered milk – 1 tbsp
• Pinch of salt-1
• Oil – 1 tablespoon
• East-1 teaspoon
• Rinse hot water-soft dough as much as it takes

1) Mix oil and hot water in a deep and large dry bowl in a spreading bowl. Mix it with oil, then Bread pour a little warm water in a small bowl so that the water will be softened by making a normal bread. But add a little water, doe sticky with hand, rub little oil on hand and rub it on the doe. After 5-5 minutes, the sticky feeling will not be too strong, it will be smooth for 3-5 minutes. Or make pm.

2) Pour the oil in a large Bread container with a tight lid and oil around the doe, put the lid on the container with the dove, with two ovens,

3) After 5 hours, the doe swells up to 5 times. Now take the bread out of the pot and put a loaf of bread in it and press it 4-5 times with your hands. Spread some flour or rub the oil around the bread, take one side of the bread rolls from the side, shake a kol balash with a little pressure with the two corners of the roll when wrapped. Grease the oil around the door. And brush the oil on the inside of the lid with the lid, on top.
, Bottom, side to side, otherwise it will be difficult to get bread later.

4) Do not put the bread in the box of bread and put it in the middle of the two oven, the oven will be lit. After 3-5 minutes, the dove will swell to cover the lid. Now, in a large saucepan or a large curry or large pot in the oven, put a thin steel stand with 5 inches deep sand, then put the cord on the lid and burn it for more than 5 minutes (this is called pre-hit). Now put the bread box on the stand, and cover the large bone with something heavy, the oven is medium.
Bake for 5 minutes.

5) After 5 minutes, turn the pot upside down, ie the lid of the box will be on the stand this time, then the side of the lid of the bread box will be brown in color, thus leaving 5 minutes.

6) After opening the lid after 5 minutes, the box will open the lid. If you find it difficult to open the lid, then the side of the lid with a long knife, with the lid adjacent to the lid, carefully remove the lid and then open the lid. Now light a stick with a knife around the base,

7) 3) Soak the towel or thick cloth and cover the breadcrumbs until cool. When cold, soak a cold cane (which is good if not equal), cut it carefully in cold water, then carefully place it in an airtight

3) If the bread comes out of the porch due to excessive swelling while it is in the oven, then that part will be cut off, there is no reason to worry.

2) If you want sugar and salt, take less than one tablespoon, butter can be dissolved in 2 tbsp oil.

3) Preserve in the East Deep refrigerator is good.

box. Normally 2 to 3 days out will be good.





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Showing all 19 results

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