Introduction: tea and coffee are the world’s largest beverage crops. Because of the tea theophylline and caffeine in caffeine, these products have been able to stimulate. These are not essential ingredients in our food list. These are luxurious food, but their use is quite widespread. When working or for some reason due to depression or laziness in mind and body, we get a cup of tea or coffee again and again. Tea is the best in stimulant drinks and almost half of the world’s population is accustomed to tea. In the tea or coffee caffeine, the lymph node that contains the lymph node or the alkaloids gives the stimulation of the brain and heart. Tea or coffee removes body fatigue and depression and gives action. History: Tea: Commercial production of tea was started in China in 1650. Its cultivation started in India in 1818. In 1855, the British found the first tea plant in Sylhet. Then in 1857, commercial tea-cultivation started in Malinichara of Sylhet. Coffee: People have been drinking coffee for more than 500 years. The earliest known evidence of coffee in the world is found in Yemen in the fifteenth century. Description: Tea: Tea is commonly referred to as an aromatic and flavored kind of hot beverage, which is made from tea or in hot water. Tea leaves are available from tea trees. The scientific name of tea plant Camellia sinensis ‘Tea leaves’ is an agricultural product, which is practically produced in different ways, in the form of tea leaves, episodes and crowns. In the tea seasonal areas, mountainous and highland crops. Tea is prepared by drying the leaves of a kind of evergreen tree. China is the country’s first mother country. Currently it is considered the most remarkable beverage in the world. Coffee: Coffee is the most popular beverage worldwide. Coffee made by boiling a variety of seeds, known as “coffee seeds”, was prepared by mixing it with water. This seed is a kind of fruit seed called Coffee Cherry. In some 70 countries, these fruit trees are grown. Green coffee is one of the world’s most sold agricultural products. Caffeine contains a stimulant material called caffeine. There is about 135 milligrams of caffeine in 8 ounce coffee. [1] Coffee ingredients serve as stimulants and stimulants for coffee caffeine. Now, after tea, coffee is the most popular beverage in the world. Quality: Tea: Benefits: There is no substitute for tea to relieve body fatigue and fatigue. Fresh the body with tea is a common thing. However, there are many health benefits of tea in addition to these. Due to drinking tea, urinary tract cancer can reduce the risk of all types of cancer, including stomach cancer. The threat of arterial and abnormalities decreases by Green Tea Drink. The more green the drink, the greater the risk of these diseases will decrease. High blood pressure and stroke risk are reduced due to drinking green. Removes stress and exhaustion. Due to the use of black tea (black tea), fatigue is removed. The spirits come in the body. Reduces skin cancer by drinking herbal and honey mixed tea. White T (white tea) is very beneficial to reduce oxygenated stress

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