A comfortable and stylishly decorated house is important to take care of the beauty of not only a beauty, the completion of the auxiliary courtyard in the interior of a house: hallways, rangers, bathrooms and of course toilets.
The sanitary zone of the house should not be exiled. Do you think that you can end it all to be healthy and calm down? Probably, in the last century, everything was done alike, today it is a complete stylistic decision, with the moment of all events. How To Make A Bathroom Practical And Comfortable, We Will Speak In Detail
The reconstruction plan for the toilet room
To organize the small area of ​​the bathroom properly and reasonably for the entire area use, the following tasks need to be performed:
1. Change old contact on PVC pipe.
2. Hide the engineering system (sewer pipes, water pipes) under the finish. This will help other types of drywall or collapsible construction, which will be appropriate even when finished to a small toilet.
The engineering system may be hidden in the construction of the hostage board
3. Perform decorative tasks. Start with the arrangement of the registration floor. Then the roof and walls are moved
4. Install fixtures.
The lighting in the interior of the toilet
5. Change plumbing equipment in the room.
Toilet Decoration: We select materials
“We can safely say that a more successful decision, compared to the tiles, to the floor and not looking, even in the interior of a small toilet”
On health standards, such a specific room as a toilet, all the pages must be processed regularly, so decorate its walls with wallpaper – a solution, definitely, is not from the most reasonable ones. Some use of sterilizer will leave the wallpaper for decorating the room, so that some wet cleanliness will quickly spoil the integrity and beauty of their surface, and some practical uses of the toilet interior.

The best solution for the depiction of the subclosures is today ceramic tiles it can completely cover all of the rooms It looks wonderful on the walls and looks great on the floor

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Showing all 14 results

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