Introduction: Primary Traditional Medicine on News Articles Diseases Epidemiologic Vitamin Vaktsinoprofіlaktika Prevention for Travel Immunization Health Protection Disease Immunization Advertise on the topic Category Health umbrella sauce – a description, composition, useful Voices sauce tartare “Unity /> French. History: Always a tirade and Sharp with the sword. Description umbrella dressing Tartarus – a classic cold dress, for Sugar sauce formation consists of boiled egg yolks, vegetable oils and green onions, because this sauce is one of the most common types of flavored cottage flavor., Nowadays, umbrella sauce can be easily purchased at any supermarket. Of course, many will be tastier. Cook it very easily. Finely, grind these, cooked egg yolk, pepper, lemon juice or wine Add salt to the vinegar, add salt, then drop it by dropping the vegetable olive oil into a homogeneous mass, as long as sprinkle with green cut onion. In addition to this basic recipe base in umbrella sauce, you can use garlic, parsley, olive , Dry mustard, tarragon, act like a fool, can be added easily with tartare spring onion mixed with mayonnaise and boiled egg yolk Abe. The vegetable oils and egg yolks are just cut into small pieces and cut until the remaining ingredients are not cut. A ready base: Recipe umbrella sauce is one of the essential features. The main distinctive characteristics of vegetables and other ingredients are the main highlight and the main highlight of Tartarus. Freeze dressing is stored for more than two days and if you poured into a glass jar tightly closed the lid and a pinch: should not be kept in cool place, shelf life can be increased up to one week. Are the products used in umbrella sauce? Most umbrella sauce comes from fried fish. He specially designed to decorate and set off tastes fish food. Combined with excellent acute pungent seafood -. Shrimp, squid, octopus, lobster tartare do not hurt fried meat, steak, biff and cold fries. You can add a variety of sauces and vegetable meals -. He just gave his new colors History Tarteras heard in Europe for the first time in the 19th century. According to one legend, the dress was invented by French, French and Tatar. This legend comes from the name of Tabasco, which means the French “dressing tartare”. However, according to reliable historical sources, these spicy boil came from French. On that day, local chefs prefer to name the chatni associated with the geographical location. So, sharp and intense bitter dressing, as you know, there is a hot and tempered people who got their name in the honor of the Tatar people. In addition to the composition of umbrella sauce and its beneficial properties, he has the ability to fill the dish with those who have served, there are many useful features created by ingredients in the form of umbrella umbrella sauce. As you know, egg yolks are a high nutritious, and well-associated amphax. A lot of the structure of about 15 minerals and 13 vitamins.

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